RolePlay: My Dr Graham does a house call to Nurse Dee

by | Dec 18, 2020 | Fetish, Roleplay

Hello my sexy Nurse Dee…

I want to tell you how much I enjoyed you on Thursday… we’ve got to do that
again sooner this time. Your latest boobs are stunning and I’ll want to spend
more time attending to them! Our Deep French Kissing is more than mutually
satisfying especially when we add some tongue sucking to the mix! I could feel
my cock expanding into a chubby as we were doing that.

You are absolutely DEElicious and I could spend the whole day eating and
sucking your lips, tongue, tits and cock until I make you cum and I get to
taste my favorite nurse Dee’s juices again.

When I see you again I’ll remember to do the twisting jerk on your female nurse cock with
appropriate lubrication and I’ll spend more time licking and nibbling your
nipples. I love bringing you to a thundering orgasm while in my arms!

I hope those ——– I left give you lots of extra enjoyment, although you may
not need them if your cock always gets as rock-hard as it was in my hands and
mouth yesterday! Maybe that was the Dr. Graham effect… you got extra hard
from me sucking your cock and massaging your ball sack while I was doing it!

Your very horny lover and so very satisfied after you made me cum… it was a
lot of effort on your part but you know how to get the desired result.

You GP Dr Graham