Companion Services


Are you looking to make a serious connection with an attractive, mature transgender women, not a girl friend but not just any escort? …. Well, I offer Companion Services.

  • It is not easy to meet anyone on a personal intimate level.
  • Do you what to make a Genuine Human Connection?
  • Find a happy medium between a Girl Friend and VIP Escort.
  • Would you like donations not at escort rates but you are not expecting free either.
  • Something that fits your budget and at times that suit your busy schedule.
  • We can even set up regular or periodic CompanionCam sessions.


Call me now to set up a free 30 minute Companion Introduction Meeting (no sex) to discuss how we can make this happen… Your Sugar-Trans.







Companion Services

Have you been looking to make a serious connection with an attractive, mature transgender women? Someone would not be a girl friend by not just be an escort? …. The answer is to find someone like a personal Companion.

Do you what to; meet, talk, have lunch with, go to an event with or get to know? You are not alone. I have man quite regularly ask, “How do I meet a girl like you?”

It is not easy to meet anyone even for regular hetero couples…How successful are they ? Your intent may be to get to know me more in-depth and not necessarily have sex all the time but not rule it out of course.

Well that is what I am offering to have a happy medium between an occasional girl friend and a sophisticated VIP Escort. We can make prior arrangement for; a few hours / days, specific times of day, weekend(s), a few times a month. a partial or full week or an extended period.

Time is money for everyone, I can offer extended, (in)frequent, regular or periodic get together’s for a donation that is not at competitive escort rates but is not free either, some happy medium in between. Offer what you would be comfortable with.

Your offer would be something that fits your budget and schedule. . So if you have had some or most of these thoughts from time to time then pick up the phone and lets talk about it.

To get started what I offer is a free 30 minute Introductory Meeting (with no sex) to discuss what you’re looking for and negotiate both price and details. Call and tell me you’re interested in my Companion Services to set up a meeting.