Bi-Curious Couples Defined

Bi-Curious couples are couples who have expanded their intimacy to include other partners. Often they will invite another man or woman to join and enhance their love-making. Introducing a sexy trangendered woman to the party brings this intimacy to a whole other level.

It is in their fantasy of the ideal 3rd play partner, that the notion of a very passable trans women emerges as someone who has “the best of both worlds” … someone who has both types of naughty bits. In reality, it is rare that bi couples will specifically be looking for a trans woman but it does happen occasionally. When it does happen, how lucky am I?

Most bi males, in my experience, enjoy the fantasy of seeing his girlfriend or wife play with another woman. What could be better than if that woman had a penis and was able to fuck the both of you?!

In the same vein, a woman may fantasize about her boyfriend or husband playing with a man’s (transwomen’s) cock. She may suggest to her bi guy that it would be ok to enjoy sucking a cock in front of her. I find it interesting that a lot of bi women love watching men such cock to the surprise of most men and women. Most bi-curious men will love to do this but be hesitant to reveal this to even a life partner.

But the open Bi couple and specifically female in the relations will often find it very arousing to watch her partner suck a “women cock”. Her next challenge to herself and to him is suggesting, does he want to be fucked by her? This raises the stakes and being “curious” about what his answer or behaviour will be like actually doing it. She may often discover things about herself and she did not know or believe.

The trans women has always and will always be a simple and fantasy play toy. Most trans women will not play with other women or bi-women or bi-couples.

I am quite different as I loooooove women and actually date women. I was married and have dates women quite often. My preference is to fuck pussy and I truly love it. What turns me on is to erotically seduce the female of the bi-couple in front of him. Letting him watch only while erotic, vivid fantasies imagery and vivid dialogue about my interest is her or how much HE should be the 3rd, often will make sparks happen.

Sometime if the dominant partner is the female she may love the idea of having a “lesbian trans lover” with benefits. If she is a dominate then the level of mental control may be risen to having him suck her new trans lovers cock to get it ready for him to insert the “female penis” in her…. how exciting!

Please feel free to share any comments, feedback or opinions about what you are hoping for with your experience with TSDee.

Yes I and have and do this type of play all the time. Yes I love it and I am a “lifestyler” too!… Pure Fantasy Fulfillment!