Bi-Curious Women


Bi-Curious Women Defined

Bi-Curious women are women who consider themselves hetero, meaning they like men, but find themselves attracted to other women. Simply being attracted to other women does not make them lesbian but rather bi-curious.

Taking it One Step Further

One of Dee’s best friends first met her by approaching her and asking “Where do I find more like you?” meaning she loved transwomen but didn’t know where to find any to date. There are many women who would love to spend time with a pre-op transgender woman but don’t know where to look. Well, look no further. Dee loves fucking women. Her friend once remarked, “I mean what’s better than a chick with a dick? I get the best of both worlds!”. While most t-gurls say they like women, some can’t even stand to look at a woman’s vagina. Honey, Dee is a VERY fully functional transwoman and you are in for a night of fun and play. Dee LOVE’S women! She can be your girlfriend, confidante, companion or lover. She will lick and worship your feet and legs. She will kiss you sensuously all over and then fuck you with her fully functional, beautiful 8″ man cock. It’s such a turn on. If you have never tried a t-girl before, you owe it to yourself to make an appointment with TSDee.