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Types of Elite Escort Experiences you can request:


Assertive & Controlling TransWomen
First-Time Experience
Exploring Dee’s TransWomen Gurl Cock
Submissive Dee
Dee Bottoming
Dee Topping


As one of Canada’s premiere shemale escorts I pride myself on putting the total satisfaction of my clients before anything. I do things other women won’t. I can please you in ways no ordinary woman can.

Experience the difference of being with a true transsexual professional who puts your pleasure first.

Accommodating Your Schedule

I know my clients are busy and I do my best to be available when they are. Sometimes that means a satisfying noon-hour quickie. Sometimes, it means a lengthy, sensual evening session. Whatever works for you. Whatever your schedule is, I can make it work.

Perfectly Personalized Sessions

I tailor every session to your needs and desires. Tell me what you want to do to me, and what you want me to do to you, and I will make your fantasies come true.
My priority is to make every one who enters feel special, and ensure they leave completely satisfied. Communication with my clients is important to me, before, during and after; I welcome requests and feedback. From quick and dirty fun, to elaborate and wicked scenes, I pride myself on adapting to anything you want me to be.
Tell me what arouses you and let me make it happen!

No shame, just total satisfaction

Some escorts may try to embarrass clients based on what they want or what they look like, but not me. I believe that everyone who crosses my door deserves to leave completely and utterly satisfied. I see my clients as people first and I never judge.
Book today, and try something different with a woman like no other!