Bottoming … I LOVE being a bottom!


Being a good, hygienic, health conscious bottom requires observing specific practices that no one may have ever shared with you. External and internal hygiene is extremely important, for both myself and my clients. I practice anal douching routinely throughout the day as a regular part of my lifestyle, even if I am not “working”. My muscular control and internal cleanliness is a very healthy result of this regular douching. It is important to me to feel clean and fresh.


External hygiene is achieved by shaving and anal bleaching. I am completely shaved and have practiced external skin bleaching which removes old discoloured skin and replaces it with new fresh baby like skin in both appearance and texture. For those who like to be oral with me anally, you will appreciate all of my efforts.


You can enjoy eating my rosebud or fucking me as much as you want. In fact I do have a potty chair, that gives you incredible access to my ass. I have done a short YouTube video that you can check out to see how much I love to use it. Some of my kinky customers sniff, kiss, lick and eat my ass for hours!


As far as me being fucked, so many men are very self conscious. I never judge a man’s size, girth, length, endurance, stamina or the amount liquid he produces. Men are really overly concerned about it and I will make you feel very satisfied regardless of what you have to show or give. I am the last person in the world who should judge others, being so so different from anyone myself.


Most men think that all i want is a big hard cock, but this is not the case. Too big is just painful and not enjoyable for me. I have always said it is so NOT about your size but what you are able to do with it. In fact, my most enjoyable anal experiences have been with average or less than average size men, who take their time and enjoy fucking me slowly. Gentlemen with average, even long thin cock, who are willing to take their time and enjoy a fantastic fucking experience with a Trans bottom, OH YES!! and all day long!


Call and book to see me today. Guys who want to sniff, kiss, lick, fondle, play with tongue and fuck me as much as you like get top priority. Just come over and fuck me!… Pure Fantasy Fulfillment