Should I? Shouldn’t I?

You’ve been checking my website every day, needing to see the new outfit for today. You’ve watched my YouTube videos so often you can repeat them word for word. You’ve looked at your phone so many times wanting to call. Well today is the day that you see your first shemale.

Okay, you’ve never been with a shemale and you desperately want to try this but you hesitate. What is it going to be like? What does it say about me? There are SO many unknowns here, it’s hard to decide.

TSDee has a long list of regular and valued clients, but the one thing they all have in common is that they were all “first-timers” at one time. They got turned on, got brave and took the plunge. Ask anyone of them, they never leave my door unhappy and not eager to come back.

TSDee Gets It!!

TSDee has a lot of things going for her, but the one thing that sets her apart from all the others is her ability to make first-timers feel at ease and welcome. Her seductive smile and pleasant demeanor will make you feel immediately comfortable and ready to start on your new adventure with a gorgeous shemale. She lives in a discreet and upscale neighborhood which will also help to make you feel safer taking this first step.

TSDee differs from other shemale escorts in that she provides you with an opportunity to walk in, talk to her, but if you change your mind, you may walk out. No cost, no obligations, no hard feelings. If you need to go slow, start with a meeting and go from there, no pressure. I make no assumptions about the kind of play we will engage in during your visits and neither should you. Don’t think that just because you visit a trans woman, that penetration or anal will be involved. I work to your pace and comfort level. Above all I am a lover not a fighter, I will be gentle.

What are you waiting for?… What have you got to lose?