Submission is one of my favorite erotic activities. In fact, I define myself as a “switch” in having the ability and enjoying being both the submissive and the dominant.

In my day to day life I am a dominant alpha type personality. Interestingly in play or in the bedroom, I love being someone’s personal property, their sex toy, an object, something to use and take advantage of erotically. It gives me a big girl hard on serving and belonging to someone or some couple.

Some of my favorite submissive roles while engaging in verbal dialogue and physical play are: daddies dirty step daughter, the submissive cheating wife that needs to be taught a lesson, the nympho trans school teacher who has her male detention students gang fuck her after class, bound “tranny in trouble” who will be used by her owner, incestuous stem mom, slutty street-walker that needs a continuous stream of men using her as if it were her socially deviant duty. Bondage? yes Sir please and thank you! … Have I got your mind and cock going yet?

In my long practice of being an Elite Service Provider I have just about seen it all. A great deal of the men I see, come to me wanting to be submissive. I find that most men want to give up control, because they have more than enough of being in charge in their daily life. I refer to this as “Letting someone else drive”

Indeed the pressure and responsibilities and expectation of men in our world today demand the need for men to always do, or be, or perform or deliver, including in the bedroom. Men can experience performance issues under such pressure, and it can lead to a myriad of problems in and out of bed.

Men have a need to find someone who they can go to for releasing their time to time submissive side. Men will often incorrectly equate this to being a “sissy”, a weak man, or possibly even feeling they are developing gay tendencies. Feeling they are no longer “real men”.

I, more than anyone, see men engaged in submissive play. I see it as a need of human being behavior that is essential to all people. I embrace my submissive side. I do play hard in the mode. I do have a needs for it and I enjoy it thoroughly.

I want you to feel completely comfortable stepping into my world of freedom to explore all your erotic wants and needs. I encourage you to “take a walk on the wild side”, giving up your maleness alpha side for an hour or two as a health practice like exercise or proper eating. I want to see you express all your submissive interests and curiosities whether that means being passive or obedient or being a cock sucker or even being penetrated. If wearing a pair of women’s panties or pantyhose is the way you feel the strongest as a form of expression for giving up control and being submissive,z then you have found an outlet that is truly important. I am your outlet.

I love being submissive with a man as he can take me whatever way he wants!`` ... Pure Fantasy Fulfillment