The fantasy world is one that everyone has visited from time to time. We all have dreams of what our best possible job, house, first date or life partner could be. The other arena most of us live in for a little while is our fantasy love life. Dee’s specialty is catering to and crafting into real life what you have only explored in your mind. The world of fantasy sex.

Recreating your fantasy, effectively fleshing out what you have only seen in your mind, into reality really excites Dee. The attention to detail is what it is all about. It’s down to the props, the setting, the kind of play you want. She also recreates the woman of your fantasies; her attire, her attitude, her attributes. Imagine this perfect scene with the perfect girl, what fun you could have!

Fantasy sex is one of TSDee’s favorite areas of expertise. Her erotic suggestive fantasies could include: your secretary being interviewed for ALL of your duties; your new baby sitter who wears short skirts and no panties; your favorite female teacher who always wore nylon stockings with a back seam and garters to class and would sit with her blouse open just enough to see her erect nipples; or maybe, your naughty auntie who was just widowed and lonely for her favorite nephew to come by for dinner and more… OR… how would you like to be overtaken by an ultimate Trans Amazon warrior/gladiator?

Think of Dee’s beautiful studio apartment as your fantasy world. Stay for an hour, a day a weekend and live the life you’ve always dreamed of with the girl of your dreams.

All we need from you, is to be thorough and specific in describing your fantasies to us. We want to make your dream world your reality, if only for a little while.

Some people make things happen…

Some people watch or wait for things to happen…

Some people ask … What happened?

What do you want to do? Experience … Pure Fantasy Fulfillment!


What is Role-Play?

Role-play or role-playing is the acting out of a sexual scenario that incorporates different looks, behavior and dialogue. It is the ability to take a departure from your everyday life and enter the world of fantasy where you can craft a woman and a sexual encounter of your dreams. TSDee is exceptional at creating an elaborate scene based on the input you give her on the theme and concept you enjoy most. The more specific you can be, the better your experience will be.

She gets very excited when someone tells her that they’d like her to wear a certain outfit or costume so she can dress for them! Dee is a true chameleon, and takes great pleasure in fine tuning the little details of a role-play scenario that pushes all your right buttons and match exactly the fantasy girl you have in mind.

What gets your motor running? A playboy bunny attending your every need? A teacher reprimanding you for tardiness? The dirty aunty who teases you about watching her undress?

Do you want a blonde, a brunette, a redhead? Do you want her dressed for success in business attire or in short shorts, ripped fishnets and a dirty tank top? Made up to the 9’s or natural make up? The options are truly endless. Dee also has lots of costumes to choose from, and loves getting into that nurses outfit or tying on her bunny ears and tail.

Tell Dee what you really, really want and let her make it a reality for you. She’d love to.


Men’s Fascinations With Legs

The admiration of or the attraction to a woman’s shapely leg is not new. Men have written poems about this subject. Rod Stewart and ZZ Top have written hit songs. Whole websites and magazines have been devoted solely to the admiration of them . Let’s face it – legs can be very erotic. Crossed, spread, in the air, encased in hose – they are very sexy.

A Statuesque and Leggy Shemale

TS Dee is well known for her gorgeous gams. This statuesque, leggy trans women has a pair that seemingly go on forever! She participates in many sports and her athletic gams have an almost statute-like perfection. Let her extend her gorgeous legs and wrap them around you. Kiss them from the tips of her toes, right up to her girl cock.


Defining Foot Fetish

Foot fetishism can be defined in many ways, but more often, it is thought of as foot worship. It is a pronounced sexual interest in feet and can have many variations in terms of what is sexually arousing about a foot. It could be deeply inhaling the smell of sweat on a woman’s foot combined with the scent of the leather shoes she wears that arouses. It could be the arch of a foot; wrinkled soles; spread out toes; long toes; polished toenails… many things or specific things can arouse a foot fetishist.

Foot Fetish – Dee’s Most Requested Experience

Foot fetish is one of Shemale Dee’s most popular requests. She has exquisitely pretty feet and loves to have her feet worshiped. Wrinkled soles. High arches. Spread toes. Red toenail polish. Trampling. Delicate feet. Smooth soles. Licking feet. Dirty soles. Sucking toes. Smelling feet. Feet all over your face.

While Dee loves to have her own feet worshiped, she also adores women’s feet as well. You may often find her at Foot Fetish Nights hosted by Oasis Aqualounge, an upscale club located in downtown Toronto, Canada. Sometimes she finds herself as the object of desire while other times you will find her deeply inhaling the scent of a pretty woman’s feet.

Book a Foot Fetish Session Today

If you are aroused by any sense of feet, you need to schedule time with Toronto’s top t-girl, Dee. Please use the Contact tab at the bottom right of this page to schedule a foot session with TS Dee.

Feel free to share your foot fetish stories with us.

Shoe-A-Holic TSDee

The love of women’s shoes is almost universal. Women love shoes. Men love women’s shoes.

However, TSDee has a shoe fetish and loves women’s shoes so much she studied and practiced for 5 years under a master ladies fashion footwear stylist, how to design and produce by hand, made ladies fashion footwear!

Style and Design

Besides the fetish of shoes, the types of shoes themselves have become a fetish. The higher the heel, the sexier it is perceived to be. Take the example of the “ballet heel” boasting a 7″ heel making it impossible for most to even attempt walking in this shoe. It makes its appearance at many fetish events and is considered a form of restraint for the wearer as they will not be getting very far wearing this shoe.

Shoe Fetish

Does the sight of a woman’s shoe dangling off her toes arouse you? Do you long to stick your nose into a woman’s shoe and deeply inhale the sweat of a woman’s foot combined with the scent of leather? Shoe fetishism exists for both men and women.

History has us believe that Central European students In the 19th century drank wine or Champagne from their lady’s shoe or bootlet as a sign of devotion. Shoes and pop culture play a role in a once popular tv series called “Sex in the City”. In a particular episode of this wildly popular series, a shoe salesman with a shoe and foot fetish offered one of the ladies free shoes for the simple pleasure of having her try on various pairs of shoes and letting him perform “reflexology” on her feet.

Off and on for centuries, women have embraced wearing high heel shoes to elongate and show off their shapely legs. Not only do higher heels add height, they cause the calves to flex, giving the legs a fit and leaner look.

Dee’s Shoe Collection

Peep toes; stilettos; mules; platforms; well-worn shoes; strappy high heeled sandals; kitten heels; sandals; patent leather; ankle straps, designer shoes; wedges; pumps; the types of women’s shoes are endless. If just the mention of the types of shoes inspire you, then Dee is your girl. Her collection of shoes is vast in types and colors, worn, well-worn or new… She will most certainly have something you are specifically looking for. Just ask. She’ll be happy to model anything for you. She also carries shoes in many sizes if you are curious about trying some on yourself but have never had the nerve to walk into a shoe store and try a pair on.

Contact Dee today and let’s take care of that shoe fetish! Enjoy her warm moist sexy feet as you remove them from her well worn shoes she has been wearing all day!

Full Fashion Nylon Stockings & Thigh-High Stay-ups

Often the term ‘nylon stockings’ conjures up images of the glam days of the pin-up girls of the post-war era or of the heyday of old Hollywood. Back then, women donned silk nylon stockings with garter belts. The simple act of pulling them on and fastening them to the garter belt or rolling them off, would arouse and entice a man.

Picture a pretty girl teasing you. Detaching her stocking from her garter belt and slowly rolling off that silky nylons, all the while never taking her eyes off you. She casually tosses them to you and you revel in the feel of the silkiness of the nylon stocking, you gather it up into a little ball in your hand, bring it up to your nose and inhale deeply. The scent of her foot combined with the scent of leather from her shoe arouses you. You, my friend, are a nylon stockings fetishist.

Full Fashion Nylon Stockings have their earliest appearance in the 15th century, and since then have evolved and been reimagined. Starting off as men’s knitted garments on the lower legs, to the second world war with black market silk stockings, to today’s counterparts made from spandex, stretch fibers and micro fibers.

The process involved in making a pair of beautiful and iconic silk stockings, is interesting but lengthy. However it is not the process but the final product that fascinates and arouses me.

Growing up in the fifties, mom or aunty would wash their nylons in the bathroom and hang them up to dry. The lightly hung hose would still hold the shape of the woman’s undergarment, leading deviant little fetish “boys” like me to get erotically turned on and fantasize.

In fact, the sound of full fashion nylons rubbing against each other as a woman walks by is an auditory sound like no other. The sound and feeling of legs sliding past each other would only enhance my sexual arousal.

I am totally into full fashion nylons stockings. I have countless pairs. I have worn them under my workout clothes, in bubble baths and used them as food strainers and to make tea with.

There are really only one kind of traditional full fashion nylons. The specific features of these are; they have a back seam, a reinforced toe to prevent against toe nails tearing the toe with shoes on, a reinforced sole, and a reinforced heel which could be made with a point/square/Cuban style at the top of the back of the heel.

My favorite colour is black, but I really love a taupe and suntan as well.

One of the most erotic things I do with the foot part of my well worn full fashion nylon stockings is to slide my fully erect girl cock and balls inside. I put my cock in the nylon foot and have my balls fit comfortably in the reciprocated heel which holds my girl balls in quite nicely.

I also enjoy cutting a band off a pair of nylons to wrap around my engorged raging girl cock to make it harder and purple as well as binding my balls very tight. I love having that feeling, having completely encapsulated my girl cock and balls. I can be stroked for hours like this!!!!!

I am nylon stocking addict, a total junkie for full fashion. I simply adore the dark full fashion stockings with a back seam, reinforced soles and point heel / square heel or Cuban heel and classic two tone bands. Imagine my sexy, pretty feet encased in silky hose around your hard cock, slowly massaging you, slowly getting you off. OMG! Is that cum on my hose? Then lick it off!… Pure Fantasy Fulfillment

Pattern Hose / Pantyhose / Tights / Fishnets

Do you love the feel of long leg pantyhose or tights pulled up high so that you can feel their silky shimmer on your legs and body? Do you go crazy for the shimmer and shine that makes you legs look oh so feminine? Do you insist that the pattern hose are sheer-to-waist to show off your long leg line? Are you a Panty Hose Prancer?

Do you love the feel of your cock either under the gusset pussy panel, allowing you to show off your raging erection? Do you love to stroke yourself through the built in panty? Or maybe you prefer to cut the gusset out like I do and have my raging pet snake stick out prominently, a contrast to the feminine beautiful legs you have?

Pantyhose fetish has existed since pantyhose first came into existence over a hundred years ago. It is actually a very common fetish and involves the handling of women’s pantyhose.

It can be experienced by the wearing of hose by either or both partners during sexual activity. Sometimes men wear pantyhose while alone or under their suits. Men often experience heightened arousal or interest by simply observing or admiring gorgeous legs wearing nylons or hose. Interacting with crotchless pantyhose or nylons in any other way or form during sexual activity is all in the realm of pantyhose fetish.

Yes I am a pantyhose junkie! I love them and enjoy all types of leg wear including very elaborate pattern hose, footless tights and an endless styles and designs for fishnet, fence net and more!

As an extension to my pantyhose, I also have enjoyed being fully encapsulated in pantyhose. Arms, head and cock in layers of pantyhose. It is soooo hot to be encased in my own well worn naturally scented pantyhose.

It really is a form of fetish mummification or like being in a straight jacket suit. Sometimes I have put on so many pairs layer over layer and had a kinky friend over to tie me up with mountains of used hose I have laying around. Maybe you would like to tie me up with my hose and be your “Tranny in Trouble” and lord knows what you will do with me in that state!

Another thing that really turns me on, is the scent of my panty hose takes on after having been in them countless times having sex. The natural musky smell makes my girl cock hard.

I have memories of my childhood of taking my mother’s or sister’s or aunty’s discarded panty hose out of and into my room. Sniffing them later that night, under my covers and aching to try them on. How may little deviant boys do that?

I know countless business executives who wear panty hose under their business suits, daily. The arousal comes from the feeling of this silkiness and knowing it is forbidden and the possibility of being caught are all what drives men to doing this.

Often men will ask me if wearing pantyhose makes them gay, but nothing be further from the truth. Gay men do not wear pantyhose. Drag Queens only use them as part of their costume.

I believe it is the thrill, the forbidden, the rebellion, the going against the standard male norm, the act of being found out that provide the titillation and enjoyment of wearing a pair of hose.

I even have a drawer full of well worn, naturally scented panty hose if you want to purchase a few pairs for yourself. They are very inexpensive and sooooo fun to play with and masturbate in.

Also, I offer a pantyhose exchange. If you wanted to send me a few new pairs I can exchange them for some of my worn ones or send the ones you sent me back after I have worn them countless times.

For those of you that love to wear hose also, you needn’t have any inhibitions with Dee. Feel free to borrow a pair while you play with or fuck her.



The next best thing to being there!

Shemale Escort TS Dee has a unique gift for taking her clients to new heights through verbalization. Her ability to guide you from one erotic scene to another creates a powerful impression during intimacy. It is always colourful and imaginative. Dee initiates this provocative dialogue for her WebCam appearances, over the phone and “in-person” appointments as well.






WebCam: Refers to my interaction with you using audio video and chat

SexCam: Using a WebCam service specifically for erotic and sexual interaction involving genital exposure

FootCam: Using my WebCam specifically for Foot Fetish teasing and voyeurism

PhoneSex: This service is very popular which uses audio only, ideal for consulting coaching tutoring mentoring or erotic fantasy dialogue



Dee’s Live Viewer: This is a viewing window which opens a new tab and can be found on my nav menu or is the center grey icon of a camera lens in TSDee Today. A grey box in the center turns into a large image of me when I am broadcasting. This can be made full screen.

Dee’s Mobile Viewer: This is another set of windows which open a new tab and can be accessed on my nav menu. Either upper or bottom windows are used for you to view me and talk on your mobile device or cell phone or tablet where I broadcast from my fixed location desktop. I can also broadcast from my mobile device to your mobile device.

SKYPE: This is a very popular service used quite a lot for international communication. It makes use of audio video and chat which is a way to text and send documents.
You must be a member and have and account which is easy and quick to do. SKYPE also allows you to make a phone call over the internet using the SKYPE network instead of your cell service provider. My SKYPE name is “”.
Please be mindful of International Time Zones when calling as I am in EASTERN TIME ZONE so try to book for a session using my Contact tab

FaceTime or HangOuts: A very convenient and contemporary video and audio service if you have and mobile device or tablet



Personalized WebCam: A part of my Elite Escort Experience, I custom tailor our web time interaction to meet your specific needs and desires. Unlike most “canned / pigeon holed” webcam sites services that have predetermined categories and countless same old, same old entertainers, I personalize exactly want YOU want. I am there for you! Your only limit is your wildest fantasy and imagination.

Companion WebCam: My VIP Companion WebCam Experience is for those who are looking for a very special companion. Are you lonely a lot of the time? Are your Friday nights without someone to engage in personal, romantic or companion togetherness? Are you like most who are older, or divorced/widower and unhappy with a disappointing club/bar level of meeting people? Would you like to have someone like me to be a friend with, a remote special lady, an internet companion who could be there for you on a occasional or regular basis? We can set up weekly, bi-weekly or monthly internet dates. It really is the next best thing to being here… and we would be practicing safe sex!

Consulting WebCam: My Consulting WebCam is for those of you can’t come to see me for an in person consultations. You will love the idea of having a clear, vivid, “face to face” meeting with me on-line to address all you personal needs. I have used this type of on-line interaction extensively to provide consulting, coaching, tutoring and mentoring as a Transgender Life Coach for years. Cross dressers on their journey can ask a variety of help related topics such as coming out, identifying, make up, hormones, surgery consideration, whatever you want to discuss. Because of my specialized psychology degree with over 40 years of experience as a trans women I am able to provide a variety of physiological perspectives.

Erotic WebCam: My Ertoic WebCam Experience is my SexCam experience. I am using my SexCam to interact specifically for erotic, sexual or fetish voyeurism. Please be respectful of setting up an appointment in advance, as we may not necessarily be sitting with our clothes off at the same time you decide to call. Also please do not call with you exposed and stroking yourself! Courtesy, respect and professionalism will get you so so much further.


How To

Call as early as possible on the day you want and leave a message if necessary to request a time you would like that day.

You can request an appointment using my Contact tab. Once you submit 1, 2 or 3 times that are good for you I will approve one and you will get a notification 1 hour before not to forget

Call no later than 30 min before your booked time to confirm we are still a go

At that time we will also test our WebCams at both ends to make sure all things/technologies are working.



1. Email Money Transfer is my favorite as it is secure and discreet if you are in Canada.

2. You can also use your own credit card for discreet billing from my consulting company that you can explain you were getting on line consulting services. But you can also purchase a Loadable , Instant or Prepaid Credit Cards which are non traceable, are the best for discretion. You can purchase these at any convenience store for any amount or load up the card with any amount you want, call it your “Emergency Card”. Purchased instant or loadable cards if not in Canada must be able to make internet/international payments.

3. PayPal is very easy too. You need to be a member and go to their site. At the top select “Send Money” icon then “Send money gift to a friend” tab. Then simply typing my phone number 1 416 743 6253 (same as 1 416 SHEMALE) and make your donation.