The fantasy world is one that everyone has visited from time to time. We all have dreams of what our best possible job, house, first date or life partner could be. The other arena most of us live in for a little while is our fantasy love life. Dee’s specialty is catering to and crafting into real life what you have only explored in your mind. The world of fantasy sex.

Recreating your fantasy, effectively fleshing out what you have only seen in your mind, into reality really excites Dee. The attention to detail is what it is all about. It’s down to the props, the setting, the kind of play you want. She also recreates the woman of your fantasies; her attire, her attitude, her attributes. Imagine this perfect scene with the perfect girl, what fun you could have!

Fantasy sex is one of TSDee’s favorite areas of expertise. Her erotic suggestive fantasies could include: your secretary being interviewed for ALL of your duties; your new baby sitter who wears short skirts and no panties; your favorite female teacher who always wore nylon stockings with a back seam and garters to class and would sit with her blouse open just enough to see her erect nipples; or maybe, your naughty auntie who was just widowed and lonely for her favorite nephew to come by for dinner and more… OR… how would you like to be overtaken by an ultimate Trans Amazon warrior/gladiator?

Think of Dee’s beautiful studio apartment as your fantasy world. Stay for an hour, a day a weekend and live the life you’ve always dreamed of with the girl of your dreams. All I need from you, is to be thorough and specific in describing your fantasies. I want to make your dream world your reality, if only for a little while…