Fetishes: Legs, Feet, Shoes, Nylons, Leather, Latex, PVC, Catsuits, Corsets


Sexual Fetishism Defined

Fetishism has existed for as long as sexuality. Our interest in looking at things around us and making the association, relation or connection to our sexual being exists in all aspects of life. Fetishism is also the act of becoming sexually aroused by enjoying engaging in a fetish or watching others engage in fetish.

People who are driven by their fetish preoccupation can’t help but look at things and see the potential for turning it into an erotic play toy. A fetish is sometimes a physical object or body part that is not related to our sexual organs but holds a sexual aspect for the observer

Exploring Your Secret Fetish

Some of the most mainstream fetishes are corsets, shoes, panty hose, leather and uniforms. Less mainstream are the fetish worlds of latex, leather, pvc, gas masks, ropes, body suits (zentai), balloons, bubble suits, the list is endless. It can be as creative as the mind can be, so the extent of fetish activity and enjoyment is endless.

Among these fetishes, the most common ones are feet, shoes, nylons and legs. In fact foot fetish is at the top of the list of all body parts fetishes.

Feet, shoes, nylons/hose and legs are my favorite fetish. In fact, they can dominate my sexual preoccupation. It originates from my early childhood days where my mother’s, aunt’s, teacher’s and babysitter’s feet were the object of my desire. A “forbidden zone” for me to look at and explore. In fact, the more the forbidden, the more I was interested.

Shoes have a very powerful impact on me as I own over 350+ pairs of shoes boots and sandals. A shoe will not only mold to the person’s actual foot shape but it will take on a person’s natural body scent and smells.

Our sense of smell is one of our most powerful senses and is the only one that is fully formed at birth. An infant can discern which one is her mother in a group of women by smell alone. My early and even present day foreplay involves me sniffing women’s well worn naturally scented high heel shoes. In fact my connection with feet is so strong that I studied for 5 years under a master shoe designer/stylist to teach me how to create custom hand-made women’s footwear.

Recently, my assistant has had her own foray into the world of fetish through a friend of mine. This new world was the land of leather, latex and pvc. From the catsuits to the onesies, the ankle length coat.