Defining Foot Fetish

Foot fetishism can be defined in many ways, but more often, it is thought of as foot worship. It is a pronounced sexual interest in feet and can have many variations in terms of what is sexually arousing about a foot. It could be enjoying a women’s naturally soiled soles as she walks bare foot or enjoying inhaling the scent of a woman’s foot after she has been in her well worn leather shoes all day. Nylons and panty hose or even socks can take on her signature aroma. We are all sexually aroused by our sense of smell. It could also be the arch of a foot, wrinkled soles, spread toes, long toe nails, polished toe nails… many things or specific things can arouse a foot fetishist.


Foot Fetish – One of TSDee’s favorite subjects

Foot fetish is a very popular requests. She has exquisitely pretty feet and loves to have her feet worshiped. Wrinkled soles. High arches. Spread toes. Red toenail polish. Trampling. Delicate feet. Smooth soles. Licking feet. Naturally soiled soles. Sucking toes. Smelling feet. Feet all over your face.

While Dee loves to have her own feet worshiped, she also adores women’s feet as well. You may often find her at Foot Fetish Nights hosted by Oasis Aqualounge, an upscale club located in downtown Toronto, Canada. Sometimes she finds herself as the object of desire while other times you will find her deeply enjoying and admiring a pretty woman’s feet.