Full Fashion Nylon Stockings & Thigh-High Stay-Ups


Often the term ‘nylon stockings’ conjures up images of the glam days of the pin-up girls of the post-war era or of the heyday of old Hollywood. Back then, women donned silk nylon stockings with garter belts. The simple act of pulling them on and fastening them to the garter belt or rolling them off, would arouse and entice a man.

Picture a pretty girl teasing you. Detaching her stocking from her garter belt and slowly rolling off that silky nylons, all the while never taking her eyes off you. She casually tosses them to you and you revel in the feel of the silkiness of the nylon stocking, you gather it up into a little ball in your hand, bring it up to your nose and inhale deeply. The scent of her foot combined with the scent of leather from her shoe arouses you. You, my friend, are a nylon stockings fetishist.

Full Fashion Nylon Stockings have their earliest appearance in the 15th century, and since then have evolved and been reimagined. Starting off as men’s knitted garments on the lower legs, to the second world war with black market silk stockings, to today’s counterparts made from spandex, stretch fibers and micro fibers.

The process involved in making a pair of beautiful and iconic silk stockings, is interesting but lengthy. However it is not the process but the final product that fascinates and arouses me.

Growing up in the fifties, mom or aunty would wash their nylons in the bathroom and hang them up to dry. The lightly hung hose would still hold the shape of the woman’s undergarment, leading deviant little fetish “boys” like me to get erotically turned on and fantasize.

In fact, the sound of full fashion nylons rubbing against each other as a woman walks by is an auditory sound like no other. The sound and feeling of legs sliding past each other would only enhance my sexual arousal.

I am totally into full fashion nylons stockings. I have countless pairs. I have worn them under my workout clothes, in bubble baths and used them as food strainers and to make tea with.

There are really only one kind of traditional full fashion nylons. The specific features of these are; they have a back seam, a reinforced toe to prevent against toe nails tearing the toe with shoes on, a reinforced sole, and a reinforced heel which could be made with a point/square/Cuban style at the top of the back of the heel.

My favorite colour is black, but I really love a taupe and suntan as well.

One of the most erotic things I do with the foot part of my well worn full fashion nylon stockings is to slide my fully erect girl cock and balls inside. I put my cock in the nylon foot and have my balls fit comfortably in the reciprocated heel which holds my girl balls in quite nicely.

I also enjoy cutting a band off a pair of nylons to wrap around my engorged raging girl cock to make it harder and purple as well as binding my balls very tight. I love having that feeling, having completely encapsulated my girl cock and balls. I can be stroked for hours like this!!!!!

I am nylon stocking addict, a total junkie for full fashion. I simply adore the dark full fashion stockings with a back seam, reinforced soles and point heel / square heel or Cuban heel and classic two tone bands. Imagine my sexy, pretty feet encased in silky hose around your hard cock, slowly massaging you, slowly getting you off. OMG! Is that cum on my hose? Then lick it off!… Pure Fantasy Fulfillment.