Pantyhose | Pattern Hose | Tights | Fishnets


Do you love the feel of long leg pantyhose or tights pulled up high so that you can feel their silky shimmer on your legs and body? Do you go crazy for the shimmer and shine that makes you legs look oh so feminine? Do you insist that the pattern hose are sheer-to-waist to show off your long leg line? Are you a Panty Hose Prancer?

Do you love the feel of your cock either under the gusset pussy panel, allowing you to show off your raging erection? Do you love to stroke yourself through the built in panty? Or maybe you prefer to cut the gusset out like I do and have my raging pet snake stick out prominently, a contrast to the feminine beautiful legs you have?

Pantyhose fetish has existed since pantyhose first came into existence over a hundred years ago. It is actually a very common fetish and involves the handling of women’s pantyhose.

It can be experienced by the wearing of hose by either or both partners during sexual activity. Sometimes men wear pantyhose while alone or under their suits. Men often experience heightened arousal or interest by simply observing or admiring gorgeous legs wearing nylons or hose. Interacting with crotchless pantyhose or nylons in any other way or form during sexual activity is all in the realm of pantyhose fetish.

Yes I am a pantyhose junkie! I love them and enjoy all types of leg wear including very elaborate pattern hose, footless tights and an endless styles and designs for fishnet, fence net and more!

As an extension to my pantyhose, I also have enjoyed being fully encapsulated in pantyhose. Arms, head and cock in layers of pantyhose. It is soooo hot to be encased in my own well worn naturally scented pantyhose.

It really is a form of fetish mummification or like being in a straight jacket suit. Sometimes I have put on so many pairs layer over layer and had a kinky friend over to tie me up with mountains of used hose I have laying around. Maybe you would like to tie me up with my hose and be your “Tranny in Trouble” and lord knows what you will do with me in that state!

Another thing that really turns me on, is the scent of my panty hose takes on after having been in them countless times having sex. The natural musky smell makes my girl cock hard.

I have memories of my childhood of taking my mother’s or sister’s or aunty’s discarded panty hose out of and into my room. Sniffing them later that night, under my covers and aching to try them on. How may little deviant boys do that?

I know countless business executives who wear panty hose under their business suits, daily. The arousal comes from the feeling of this silkiness and knowing it is forbidden and the possibility of being caught are all what drives men to doing this.

Often men will ask me if wearing pantyhose makes them gay, but nothing be further from the truth. Gay men do not wear pantyhose. Drag Queens only use them as part of their costume.

I believe it is the thrill, the forbidden, the rebellion, the going against the standard male norm, the act of being found out that provide the titillation and enjoyment of wearing a pair of hose. I even have a drawer full of well worn, naturally scented panty hose if you want to purchase a few pairs for yourself. They are very inexpensive and sooooo fun to play with and masturbate in.

Also, I offer a pantyhose exchange. If you wanted to send me a few new pairs I can exchange them for some of my worn ones or send the ones you sent me back after I have worn them countless times. For those of you that love to wear hose also, you needn’t have any inhibitions with Dee. Feel free to borrow a pair while you play with or fuck her.