What is Role-Play?


Role-play or role-playing is the acting out of a sexual scenario that incorporates different looks, behavior and dialogue. It is the ability to take a departure from your everyday life and enter the world of fantasy where you can craft a woman and a sexual encounter of your dreams. TSDee is exceptional at creating an elaborate scene based on the input you give her on the theme and concept you enjoy most. The more specific you can be, the better your experience will be.

She gets very excited when someone tells her that they’d like her to wear a certain outfit or costume so she can dress for them! Dee is a true chameleon, and takes great pleasure in fine tuning the little details of a role-play scenario that pushes all your right buttons and match exactly the fantasy girl you have in mind.

What gets your motor running? A playboy bunny attending your every need? A teacher reprimanding you for tardiness? The dirty aunty who teases you about watching her undress?

Do you want a blonde, a brunette, a redhead? Do you want her dressed for success in business attire or in short shorts, ripped fishnets and a dirty tank top? Made up to the 9’s or natural make up? The options are truly endless. Dee also has lots of costumes to choose from, and loves getting into that nurses outfit or tying on her bunny ears and tail.

Tell Dee what you really, really want and let her make it a reality for you. She’d love to.