Dee Is A Real Shoe-A-Holic

The love of women’s shoes is almost universal. Women love shoes. Men love women’s shoes. However, TSDee has a shoe fetish and loves women’s shoes so much she studied and practiced for 5 years under a master ladies fashion footwear stylist, how to design and produce by hand, made ladies fashion footwear!

Style & Design

Besides the fetish of shoes, the types of shoes themselves have become a fetish. The higher the heel, the sexier it is perceived to be. Take the example of the “ballet heel” boasting a 7″ heel making it impossible for most to even attempt walking in this shoe. It makes its appearance at many fetish events and is considered a form of restraint for the wearer as they will not be getting very far wearing this shoe.


Shoes Erotically Arouse

Does the sight of a woman’s shoe dangling off her toes arouse you? Do you long to stick your nose into a woman’s shoe and deeply inhale the sweat of a woman’s foot combined with the scent of leather? Shoe fetishism exists for both men and women.

History has us believe that Central European students In the 19th century drank wine or Champagne from their lady’s shoe or bootlet as a sign of devotion. Shoes and pop culture play a role in a once popular tv series called “Sex in the City”. In a particular episode of this wildly popular series, a shoe salesman with a shoe and foot fetish offered one of the ladies free shoes for the simple pleasure of having her try on various pairs of shoes and letting him perform “reflexology” on her feet. Dee does this too!

Dee’s Shoe Collection

Peep toes; stilettos; mules; platforms; well-worn shoes; strappy high heeled sandals; kitten heels; sandals; patent leather; ankle straps, designer shoes; wedges; pumps; the types of women’s shoes are endless. If just the mention of the types of shoes inspire you, then Dee is your girl. Her collection of shoes is vast in types and colors, worn, well-worn or new… She will most certainly have something you are specifically looking for. Just ask. She’ll be happy to model anything for you. She also carries shoes in many sizes if you are curious about trying some on yourself but have never had the nerve to walk into a shoe store and try a pair on.