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My name is Dee, and my brand is TSDee, short for (TranSDee).
As one of Trans Escort Toronto’s Top TGirl Escorts what I offer is
Pure Fantasy Fulfillment.
I provide a Unique Personalized Experience tailored to your
desires & expectations.
As an experienced, professional trans service provider I truly love what I do,
and I specialize in providing you with a Genuine Human Connection.

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Audio Message Of The Day

Fantasy: Pleasure Beneath My Throne

For those who want to truly worship me, front and back, there's no better way for them to do so than using my "throne". One lucky man got to do just that this weekend as you can see from my pictures above.Let me tell you about it...Sinfully ExposedCrouched...

Foot Fetish: My Trainers Loves My Stinky Sweaty Feet

Foot Fetish: From My Future Personal Trainer Dino Absolutely. I will train u and yes I would love to rub your sweaty feet dry all over my face & goatee so the sweet smell of your feet stays in it so it is all I smell & taste. Absolutely lick them...

Foot Fetish: TSDee is obsessed by women’s feet and her own

Defining Foot Fetish Foot fetishism can be defined in many ways, but more often, it is thought of as foot worship. It is a pronounced sexual interest in feet and can have many variations in terms of what is sexually arousing about a foot. It could be...

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