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As per Wikipedia…

A Consultant (from Latin: consultare “to deliberate”) is a professional, usually an expert or an experienced professional in a specific field that has a wide knowledge of the subject matter.

Coaching is a form of development in which a person called a coach supports a learner or client in achieving a specific personal or professional goal by providing training, advice and guidance. Coaching focuses on specific tasks or objectives.

A Tutor is an instructor who gives private lessons. Normally, a tutor will help a student who is struggling in a specific subject of some sort.

Mentoring is a relationship in which a more experienced or more knowledgeable person helps guide a less experienced or less knowledgeable person. Experience is more important than age, so the mentor may be older or younger than the person being mentored.. It is a learning and development partnership between someone with vast experience and someone who wants to learn. Mentoring focuses on general goals or overall development.

As for me…

I have committed myself to a life of helping others. As early as my teen years, I wanted to be a psychiatrist.

My academic background started with achieving a a combined specialized psychology degree with a minor in undergraduate law. I then went on to complete a 4 year advanced business program (in 2 years) through my employer and community college. Further I loved the field of computers so I completed a 10 course computer studies program at another community college.

Other noteworthy training included: a reflexology course from the pedorthic association, cosmetic and skin care courses with MAC and other cosmetic brands, yoga and mindfulness training. I also delved into shoe styling and producing hand made footwear, fire fighting training, and more.

All areas of my studies, training , practice, most jobs and life fulfillment have come from working with others to help them, help others, or serve mankind in one way or another. This keeps in line with one of the most selfless ambitions in life, addressing our life’s purpose.

My academic education, rich life experiences and on the job training, have all helped to make me very well qualified to provide consulting, coaching, tutoring and mentoring. My focus is on the areas i know best, transgender issues, cross-dressing, transformation and sexual identification.

Through coaching, tutoring and mentoring, I have helped countless numbers of men – in particular trans women – in navigating their lives and finding solutions to their individual questions and concerns. This kind of work has given me a very strong sense of pride and achievement. I have often experienced tears of joy from the very positive feedback that I get from my clients.

I get a great deal of satisfaction through discussion and interaction/engagement into the areas our journey takes us, exploring sexuality, gender, erotica, play and lifestyle.

I may have an individual who is so confused about who and what they are. I see them daily. They may often be very concerned about their given labels or their life’s direction. They live with the fear and judgment of others every day. Being able to engage in verbal, intellectual discussion about wants, needs, desires, fantasies, lust, sex and erotic lifestyles in a safe and private environment is crucial and is what I do best.

For example, I have often had someone who is bi curious come over to explore what his desires, only to find out that what they are seeking is personal development or understanding not physical or sexual touch. They leave completely satisfied with their time with me, even though we spent the majority of our time together in discussion and discovery. This will often happen with couples I see as well.

I make sure every client that walks thru my door is very happy with my services and I truly stand behind the quality of standard I provide as being profession, supportive, engaging, and in complete awareness of the big picture.

You will very hard pressed to find another “service provide” who has developed the array of interconnected disciplines and life experiences I have.

All people, myself included, are on a life journey. I simply help them with that…from where they are to where they want to be.

…Pure Fantasy Fulfillment

Cross Dressing

Do you have a secret desire to wear women’s clothes? Do you need to let the women in you out? Maybe you are a closet cross-dresser or weekend fetishist? Perhaps you just want to try on panty hose or nylons, panties, sexy high heel shoes and play with someone who “gets it”. Maybe there is more to it than just dressing.

What cross dressing is Not
Cross dressing is not about the degradation or mocking of women. It is quite the opposite as most who enjoy and experience the practice know that it is about de-masculinising ones “male-ness” while elevating or glorifying “women-ness”

How to prepare for a cross dressing visit
You can call and discuss briefly what you have in mind when you are making appointments. If you have specifics, it really is best if you can fully explain what you want to do, then to write down your thoughts and send it to me by using my on-line post below. Tell me what you are looking for, what your expectations are, as this will be the structure/basis for our session together. It will also be fantastic to share your feedback and discuss the highlights of your experience after. Letting others know of how great the experience was for you, is motivating for others. If you do post before and after I will be good to you the next time for your posting efforts

What can someone expect coming to TSDee

I have a safe comfortable discrete place where you can come to explore whatever level of cross dressing experience you want. I live in a very safe upscale neighborhood in a mostly seniors building, across the street from a quiet plaza. You can feel comfortable and safe parking in the plaza within 100 feet of my building and walking into an upscale senior building with no concierge. No one’s looking, so feel free be partially or fully dressed, arriving or leaving.

Relaxed casual discussion first about what you want
When you arrive I will have the chance to see you and talk with you about your expectations. You may be looking for make up application or make up lessons or building your perfect hour glass form with proper foundation garments to maximize your femme silhouette. I do this with breast forms, corsets hip pads and body shapers. Maybe you loooove sexy shimmery pantyhose, full fashion nylons and strappy high heels. Maybe you like the idea of trying on and purchasing a wig from the variety of styles I have for sale, that would make even your mother not recognize you. Need to purchase shoes? I have over 400 new and gently loved shoes for you to try on and/or purchase.

Demeanor & behaviour
As a lady in waiting, you need to learn the appropriate demeanor and behaviors of a woman. I provide a mini modelling school where you are taught how to stand, walk, eat, sit and behave like a passable woman. We will go over how you will be read in 3 sec flat if you do not know about the 10 essential facts about carrying yourself as a woman.

Exploring erotic levels
If you’d like to take it to the next level, we can start engaging in erotic teasing titillation and mild erotic sexual exploration. We can explore a question I am asked almost every time I see someone new; What does this make me if when am dressed like a women and have the desire to suck a cock or be fucked? It is very important to explore a first time experience with someone you trust. Keep an open mind so we can extend and explore the limits of your bi-curiosity. We don’t know what level of exotic play we want to engage in until we try it.

Consulting Coaching Tutoring Mentoring
Perhaps this is more than just weekend or once a month dress I offer my services as a trans life coach who will help you explore the countless undecided questions swirling in youf mind about the fact that this in not just a hobby for you. We can explore your questions in weekly or monthly sessions, or whenever you have a burning question for me to help you with.

If you like we can take photos for you to have as a private remembrance of your fantastic transformation. Also, you will not look at all like the person that walked in the door, and with your permission, you may feel comfortable with allowing me to share some of your great discrete looks on my website. This would go a long way in supporting the many of my website viewers who are nervous about taking that plunge.

De-briefing after
An important part of our session together is our chat after your transformation to talk about what were the things that made this life memorable. My favorite time of a transformation is after our session, as I can feel how much fun you had and how much you loved it all. It is almost always very emotional in a very positive way. After our session, I would love to get your feedback by you posting on line your thoughts again as you did in the beginning. Your in-person and on-inline feedback matters to me very much…. Pure Fantasy Fulfillment!

Questions to consider before our session

What are some of your expectations, the things you MUST DO, LIKE TO DO or DO NOT WANT TO DO?
Do you have some favorite things ie clothes, make up, wigs, shoes you would like to bring?
What things do they want to purchase while here? I have lots of wigs, shoes and gently love clothes and new clothes for sale.
Do you want me to come with you for a personal shopping experience before or after?
Is this a dressing only experience or did you want some erotic fun before, during or after?
Did you want to bring your partner, wife or supportive significant along?
Finally, how many dollars are you offering for the amount of fun you want to have? Just think about what the upper limit of what you would like to offer, as that will determine how much time we have?


What Exactly is a Transformation?

While similar to cross dressing, transformations are more complete and time consuming. Transformations require a minimum 2-3 hour commitment while Dee works on every aspect of your transformation.

Contouring with Make-Up

Dee is a master of re-shaping the male skull to create a more feminine profile through contour makeup. The suggested appearance of higher cheeks bones, proper placement of feminine eyebrows and the best technique to hide beard stubble are all part of the process.

All the Tools

As a transgender woman, Dee has a vast array of wigs and can transform you into a blonde, brunette or even a red head. Sexy long hair or flirty and sassy short hair, the choice is yours. A large selection of clothes, undergarments and shoes in many different sizes to accommodate any body type complete the look. She has prosthetic silicone breasts to insert into bras. She has, herself, fashioned foam hips and buttocks to be inserted into girdles to help achieve the girlish figure you are looking for.

What Kind of Look Do You Want Today?

Just let Dee know what type of girl you want to be today and she can make you look exactly as you wish. You can choose slutty, classy and sexy, vixen, little school girl, or any other vision you may have in mind. Let your wildest vision of yourself happen with a transformation from Dee.

What Happens Next?

After you are completely transformed, you may wish to pose in front of the mirror and admire the new you. Photos are optional upon request to remember and cherish. After the transformation, there are frequent requests for trans-lesbian sex so please keep this in mind when booking your appointment.

Remember, you can use the contact tab found at the bottom right of this page to book an appointment today or to simply contact Dee to find out more.


Defining Translesbian

You may or may not be familiar with the term “translesbian”. Translesbian is a relatively new term used to define an attraction of a few types of people. For instance, a male to female transsexual who is attracted to female; both can be defined as a translesbian. The term can also used by heterosexual male cross-dressers in a heterosexual relationship with their wives – the wife is a translesbian. Let’s take Paul who had a sex change to become Paula but stayed with her girlfriend, Paula is a translesbian.

Looking for Translesbians

Dee welcomes intimacy with other tgirls, post-op or pre-op, cross-dressers, trannies, shemales… however you want to define yourself. She loves women and would LOVE to hear from women who are attracted to shemales.

Dee’s experiences with women have been most gratifying, for both parties. For the bi-curious woman, what more could she possibly want? A sexy, hot chick with a dick. The imagination runs wild when one pictures breasts bouncing and touching during penetrative intercourse.


If you are a woman and find yourself very interested while reading this, you may be hesitant to jump in feet first. Please, feel free to contact Dee and talk to her. She will put you at ease and let you meet her in person first. You will never feel pressured.

Dee would also love to meet other shemales. She loves everyone and excels at making people feel welcome. You will not be disappointed.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please feel free to ask in the Comments section of this post.


Sexuality Identification System

I am the founder, creator, originator and have the copyrights to Sexuality Identification System (SiS),, and the SiS mobious logo.

SiS is a system or method, that helps us understand the complexities of gender and sexuality by defining all human possibility in 5 major categories or 5 major elements in life, which are, our;

  1. Biology ( the biology we were born with)
  2. Presentation ( how we look or present to the world)
  3. Identified Self Concept (our internal mental concept of who we are)
  4. Gender Preference ( the gender we are attracted to)
  5. Sexual Positioning or Posturing (the role you play in the bedroom)

Within each major category we have the gender binaries of the two different elements of;

  1. Maleness at one end of the spectrum being represented as Blue
  2. Femaleness at the opposite end of the spectrum being represented as Pink
  3. All of variations in between these two, is represented by the color Purple and the various shade of purple being more or less of each male or female element

In addition, with a multitude of degrees of variation in the Purple or middle of the scale, we can use Self Defined Terms used to specifically address our particular label meaningful to us and our demographics. For example, some may wish to use the term gender fluid, while others use non gender and others still may want to use pansexual.

By having a combination of 5 different elements that make up one’s gender and sexuality, it is not only more closely representative of the individualistic nature of self-identification but also throws out the idea of a binary system.

Having three colours in 5 categories gives us a total of 243 possibilities of what someone’s true make up could possibly be. Defining humanity into 243 possibilities plus a countless amount of self defined terms means that we have 243 possibilities of distinction with the ability to self define or fine tune a label that is very specific and unique to us.

How we read our 5 colors is from left to right or top to bottom. Anyone who knows these can easily see who you are what your background is, how you want to be addressed in your presentation, how you personally identify yourself, what types of people you are attracted to and finally what you do in your intimate sexual lifestyle.

The exercise in completing this set of 5 major categories is a work in itself and is ever evolving and as such, can be easily changed at any time. If fact the advantage of the system is that if you are clear about 4 or the 5 categories but uncertain about the 5th you only need to be working on 1 of 5 categories representing only 20% of an indecision where as with our current binary the amount of possibilities of “who and what I am” seems overwhelming.

Also if we were to wear a pin or necklace or shoe beads or earrings which showed “our colors”, others could know quite quickly what we are all about. In social or dating situations by wearing your SiS colors, one could easily identify what another person was looking for in a partner. It would be crystal clear who and what we are. I believe this system goes a long way in paving a less confusing romantic path for us all.

The application for this system is truly exciting as in for the first time in history there would be a way of making some sense of all the possibly of human variability into one easy to use and understand system.

I have provided a power point presentation as a way of visually mapping out what SiS is all about and how it works.

In addition I do have a web site that I created which goes into the system in detail. (click here to go to the Official Site)





The next best thing to being there!

Shemale Escort TS Dee has a unique gift for taking her clients to new heights through verbalization. Her ability to guide you from one erotic scene to another creates a powerful impression during intimacy. It is always colourful and imaginative. Dee initiates this provocative dialogue for her WebCam appearances, over the phone and “in-person” appointments as well.






WebCam: Refers to my interaction with you using audio video and chat

ConsultingCam: Use interactive WebCam services specifically for indepth discussion and two way video interaction of topics of important to you

PhoneSessions: This service is very popular which uses audio only, ideal for consulting coaching tutoring mentoring or erotic fantasy dialogue



Dee’s Live Viewer: This is a viewing window which opens a new tab and can be found on my nav menu or is the center grey icon of a camera lens in TSDee Today. A grey box in the center turns into a large image of me when I am broadcasting. This can be made full screen.

Dee’s Mobile Viewer: This is another set of windows which open a new tab and can be accessed on my nav menu. Either upper or bottom windows are used for you to view me and talk on your mobile device or cell phone or tablet where I broadcast from my fixed location desktop. I can also broadcast from my mobile device to your mobile device.

SKYPE: This is a very popular service used quite a lot for international communication. It makes use of audio video and chat which is a way to text and send documents.
You must be a member and have and account which is easy and quick to do. SKYPE also allows you to make a phone call over the internet using the SKYPE network instead of your cell service provider. My SKYPE name is “”.
Please be mindful of International Time Zones when calling as I am in EASTERN TIME ZONE so try to book for a session using my Contact tab

FaceTime or HangOuts: A very convenient and contemporary video and audio service if you have and mobile device or tablet



Personalized WebCam: A part of my Elite Escort Experience, I custom tailor our web time interaction to meet your specific needs and desires. Unlike most “canned / pigeon holed” webcam sites services that have predetermined categories and countless same old, same old entertainers, I personalize exactly want YOU want. I am there for you! Your only limit is your wildest fantasy and imagination.

Companion WebCam: My VIP Companion WebCam Experience is for those who are looking for a very special companion. Are you lonely a lot of the time? Are your Friday nights without someone to engage in personal, romantic or companion togetherness? Are you like most who are older, or divorced/widower and unhappy with a disappointing club/bar level of meeting people? Would you like to have someone like me to be a friend with, a remote special lady, an internet companion who could be there for you on a occasional or regular basis? We can set up weekly, bi-weekly or monthly internet dates. It really is the next best thing to being here… and we would be practicing safe sex!

Consulting WebCam: My Consulting WebCam is for those of you can’t come to see me for an in person consultations. You will love the idea of having a clear, vivid, “face to face” meeting with me on-line to address all you personal needs. I have used this type of on-line interaction extensively to provide consulting, coaching, tutoring and mentoring as a Transgender Life Coach for years. Cross dressers on their journey can ask a variety of help related topics such as coming out, identifying, make up, hormones, surgery consideration, whatever you want to discuss. Because of my specialized psychology degree with over 40 years of experience as a trans women I am able to provide a variety of physiological perspectives.

Erotic WebCam: My Ertoic WebCam Experience is my SexCam experience. I am using my SexCam to interact specifically for erotic, sexual or fetish voyeurism. Please be respectful of setting up an appointment in advance, as we may not necessarily be sitting with our clothes off at the same time you decide to call. Also please do not call with you exposed and stroking yourself! Courtesy, respect and professionalism will get you so so much further.


How To

Call as early as possible on the day you want and leave a message if necessary to request a time you would like that day.

You can request an appointment using my Contact tab. Once you submit 1, 2 or 3 times that are good for you I will approve one and you will get a notification 1 hour before not to forget

Call no later than 30 min before your booked time to confirm we are still a go

At that time we will also test our WebCams at both ends to make sure all things/technologies are working.



1. Email Money Transfer is my favorite as it is secure and discreet if you are in Canada.

2. You can also use your own credit card for discreet billing from my consulting company that you can explain you were getting on line consulting services. But you can also purchase a Loadable , Instant or Prepaid Credit Cards which are non traceable, are the best for discretion. You can purchase these at any convenience store for any amount or load up the card with any amount you want, call it your “Emergency Card”. Purchased instant or loadable cards if not in Canada must be able to make internet/international payments.

3. PayPal is very easy too. You need to be a member and go to their site. At the top select “Send Money” icon then “Send money gift to a friend” tab. Then simply typing my phone number 1 416 743 6253 (same as 1 416 SHEMALE) and make your donation.