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TransWomen Life Coach
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In addition to being one Canada’s premiere Tgirl escorts, I am an experienced life coach for those curious about crossdressing or even struggling with deeper trans identity issues. I have a specialized psychology degree in the field and have worked with major organizations.


Your Crossdressing Mentor

Have you always dreamed of looking in the mirror and seeing a beautiful woman looking back? Have you always been fascinated by the thought of womens’ clothes but were too frightened to try it for yourself or didn’t know where to begin? I can help.

I can teach you how to walk, talk, dress, and do makeup. I can guide you through the first baby steps on exploring this facet of your sexuality. And I can provide an intense erotic experience to go with it, if desired, in a safe and compassionate space.

Experiment with me – you never know what you might learn about yourself.


TransWomen Life Coaching

For some people it goes beyond clothes and wigs. If you are confused and need to talk to someone who understands about gender identity issues, I have been a member of the trans community for over twenty years.

My Sexuality Identification System has helped many people who were struggling with figuring out who they were before. I am always happy to lend an ear and give advice to others struggling with the same feeling I had.