Cross Dressing & Transformations


Do you have a secret desire to wear women’s clothes? Do you need to let the women in you out? Maybe you are a closet cross-dresser or weekend fetishist? Perhaps you just want to try on panty hose or nylons, panties, sexy high heel shoes and play with someone who “gets it”. Maybe there is more to it than just dressing.


What cross dressing is Not
Cross dressing is not about the degradation or mocking of women. It is quite the opposite as most who enjoy and experience the practice know that it is about de-masculinising ones “male-ness” while elevating or glorifying “women-ness”


How to prepare for a cross dressing visit
You can call and discuss briefly what you have in mind when you are making appointments. If you have specifics, it really is best if you can fully explain what you want to do, then to write down your thoughts and send it to me by using my on-line post below. Tell me what you are looking for, what your expectations are, as this will be the structure/basis for our session together. It will also be fantastic to share your feedback and discuss the highlights of your experience after. Letting others know of how great the experience was for you, is motivating for others. If you do post before and after I will be good to you the next time for your posting efforts.

What can someone expect coming to TSDee?


I have a safe comfortable discrete place where you can come to explore whatever level of cross dressing experience you want. I live in a very safe upscale neighborhood in a mostly seniors building, across the street from a quiet plaza. You can feel comfortable and safe parking in the plaza within 100 feet of my building and walking into an upscale senior building with no concierge. No one’s looking, so feel free be partially or fully dressed, arriving or leaving.

Primary discussion about your desires

When you arrive I will have the chance to see you and talk with you about your expectations. You may be looking for make up application or make up lessons or building your perfect hour glass form with proper foundation garments to maximize your femme silhouette. I do this with breast forms, corsets hip pads and body shapers. Maybe you loooove sexy shimmery pantyhose, full fashion nylons and strappy high heels. Maybe you like the idea of trying on and purchasing a wig from the variety of styles I have for sale, that would make even your mother not recognize you. Need to purchase shoes? I have over 400 new and gently loved shoes for you to try on and/or purchase

Demeanor & Behaviour

As a lady in waiting, you need to learn the appropriate demeanor and behaviors of a woman. I provide a mini modelling school where you are taught how to stand, walk, eat, sit and behave like a passable woman. We will go over how you will be read in 3 sec flat if you do not know about the 10 essential facts about carrying yourself as a woman.

Exploring Erotic Levels

If you’d like to take it to the next level, we can start engaging in erotic teasing titillation and mild erotic sexual exploration. We can explore a question I am asked almost every time I see someone new; What does this make me if when am dressed like a women and have the desire to suck a cock or be fucked? It is very important to explore a first time experience with someone you trust. Keep an open mind so we can extend and explore the limits of your bi-curiosity. We don’t know what level of exotic play we want to engage in until we try it.

Consulting Coaching Tutoring Mentoring

Perhaps this is more than just weekend or once a month dress I offer my services as a trans life coach who will help you explore the countless undecided questions swirling in youf mind about the fact that this in not just a hobby for you. We can explore your questions in weekly or monthly sessions, or whenever you have a burning question for me to help you with.


If you like we can take photos for you to have as a private remembrance of your fantastic transformation. Also, you will not look at all like the person that walked in the door, and with your permission, you may feel comfortable with allowing me to share some of your great discrete looks on my website. This would go a long way in supporting the many of my website viewers who are nervous about taking that plunge.

Post Session Debriefing

An important part of our session together is our chat after your transformation to talk about what were the things that made this life memorable. My favorite time of a transformation is after our session, as I can feel how much fun you had and how much you loved it all. It is almost always very emotional in a very positive way. After our session, I would love to get your feedback by you posting on line your thoughts again as you did in the beginning. Your in-person and on-inline feedback matters to me very much…. Pure Fantasy Fulfillment!

Questions To Consider Prior To Session

  • What are some of your expectations, the things you MUST DO, LIKE TO DO or DO NOT WANT TO DO?
  • Do you have some favorite things ie clothes, make up, wigs, shoes you would like to bring?
  • What things do they want to purchase while here? I have lots of wigs, shoes and gently love clothes and new clothes for sale.
  • Do you want me to come with you for a personal shopping experience before or after?
  • Is this a dressing only experience or did you want some erotic fun before, during or after?
  • Did you want to bring your partner, wife or supportive significant along?
  • Finally, how many dollars are you offering for the amount of fun you want to have? Just think about what the upper limit of what you would like to offer, as that will determine how much time we have?