Long Term Clients – Thank You All!

Long Term Clients – Thank You All!


As I prepare to head out on vacation tomorrow I wanted to take a moment to thank those who have been my customers and playmates for years and hopefully will share many more years of erotic fun to come.


You Guys Make Me Feel Lucky


I have a very high percentage of returning customers. This actually isn’t by any means universal amongst escorts – for many, clients are more often a one shot affair – a quick, transactional interaction. I consider myself lucky to have had the chance to build relationships with my customers over the years. I’ve gotten to know them and some have gotten to know me. Some have jokingly referred to me as their “wife”. That connection makes our sessions together far more meaningful.

I like to think it’s because I offer something other escorts don’t always provide – my true self. I always try to form a genuine connection with my clients, and many appreciate that.

It’s thanks to you all that I’ve been able to do this for twenty years! Here’s to many more!