Sometimes clients need a little scolding to be put in their place

Pet Peeves – Time Wasters

Pet Peeves – Time Wasters


Client cancellations are an occupational hazard of the escorting business. People cancel on you – it happens. Sometimes their reasons are quite good, other times less so, and it definitely gets on my nerves, but what’s worse are the guys who were never serious to begin with!

Many people don’t appreciate just how often I (and most other providers) get trolled! Guys will call and and act like the want to talk details for a scene, but really they just want you to engage with them in a lot of fantasy talk or texting for free while they get off. They’ll book appointments they don’t ever intend to follow through on. They’ll argue with me over price, or sometimes act insulted at the idea of paying at all, because they think they’re too hot to hire an escort (even that obviously didn’t keep them from calling one).

Newsflash: I am not running a charity here!

Now I don’t like to be unsympathetic, but at the same time, I do expect the people who contact me to be respectful of my time and treat me like a professional.


How to Avoid Being a Time Waster?


If you want to avoid being blacklisted as a time waster, by me, or any professional, the first thing you can do is to be respectful. Pushy, rude, or arrogant guys are the first in line to get dropped like a sack of potatoes. Conversely someone who’s respectful I am happy to work with even if it takes a long conversation.

The second most important thing is to have a clear idea of what you’re looking for, and be willing to pay for it. My services are documented here on this site and while I’m happy to go over details on the phone it helps if you call with at least some idea of what you’d like to get out of the scene.

Third, call with a specific window of time in mind and be sure it’s one you can commit to. “Later today” does not allow me to book you and know whether or not I’m available for other clients – instead give an exact time. And do your best to make the appointment in advance – if you call and ask for me right away I simply may not be available.

Finally and most importantly, as obvious as it might seem, Only call, text or message me if you actually intend on booking an appointment, whether in person or long distance!


Thank you all for reading my little rant. Those of you who are regular customers, know that I love you all, and part of the reason why you are regulars is precisely because you treat me and my time with respect.