Sexuality Identification System: A colour coded method of understanding our gender and sexuality


Sexuality Identification System

I am the founder, creator, originator and have the copyrights to Sexuality Identification System (SiS),, and the SiS mobious logo.

SiS is a system or method, that helps us understand the complexities of gender and sexuality by defining all human possibility in 5 major categories or 5 major elements in life, which are, our;

  1. Biology ( the biology we were born with)
  2. Presentation ( how we look or present to the world)
  3. Identified Self Concept (our internal mental concept of who we are)
  4. Gender Preference ( the gender we are attracted to)
  5. Sexual Positioning or Posturing (the role you play in the bedroom)

Within each major category we have the gender binaries of the two different elements of;

  1. Maleness at one end of the spectrum being represented as Blue
  2. Femaleness at the opposite end of the spectrum being represented as Pink
  3. All of variations in between these two, is represented by the color Purple and the various shade of purple being more or less of each male or female element

In addition, with a multitude of degrees of variation in the Purple or middle of the scale, we can use Self Defined Terms used to specifically address our particular label meaningful to us and our demographics. For example, some may wish to use the term gender fluid, while others use non gender and others still may want to use pansexual.

By having a combination of 5 different elements that make up one’s gender and sexuality, it is not only more closely representative of the individualistic nature of self-identification but also throws out the idea of a binary system.

Having three colours in 5 categories gives us a total of 243 possibilities of what someone’s true make up could possibly be. Defining humanity into 243 possibilities plus a countless amount of self defined terms means that we have 243 possibilities of distinction with the ability to self define or fine tune a label that is very specific and unique to us.

How we read our 5 colors is from left to right or top to bottom. Anyone who knows these can easily see who you are what your background is, how you want to be addressed in your presentation, how you personally identify yourself, what types of people you are attracted to and finally what you do in your intimate sexual lifestyle.

The exercise in completing this set of 5 major categories is a work in itself and is ever evolving and as such, can be easily changed at any time. If fact the advantage of the system is that if you are clear about 4 or the 5 categories but uncertain about the 5th you only need to be working on 1 of 5 categories representing only 20% of an indecision where as with our current binary the amount of possibilities of “who and what I am” seems overwhelming.

Also if we were to wear a pin or necklace or shoe beads or earrings which showed “our colors”, others could know quite quickly what we are all about. In social or dating situations by wearing your SiS colors, one could easily identify what another person was looking for in a partner. It would be crystal clear who and what we are. I believe this system goes a long way in paving a less confusing romantic path for us all.

The application for this system is truly exciting as in for the first time in history there would be a way of making some sense of all the possibly of human variability into one easy to use and understand system.

I have provided a power point presentation as a way of visually mapping out what SiS is all about and how it works.

In addition I do have a web site that I created which goes into the system in detail. (click here to go to the Official Site)