The Perfect Personal Companion

This athletic and statuesque transgender woman loves getting dressed up and being on the arm of her companion to any social event. Dee is comfortable in a multitude of social settings, whether it be a quiet dinner for two or a social event. Her down to earth nature and wit are a refreshing change to the ‘pretty but dim’ girls you’ve seen before. Dee loves living a clean lifestyle, she doesn’t smoke, drink or use any recreational drugs. You can have an intelligent conversation with this multi-faceted woman who has a degree in Psychology, Business and Computer Studies. Her infectious smile and beautiful hazel eyes will captivate you and she is the perfect model of etiquette. She’s imbued with the social graces and good manners that make her at home in venues from the Ritz Hotel, upscale restaurants or even the boardwalk cafe.

Dee’s studio is approximately 10 minutes by taxi from the airport and there are many great restaurants in the immediate area. If discretion is a consideration for you, a good selection of restaurants exist in her out-of-the-mainstream neighborhood where Dee is known and respected by staff. You can feel safe and at ease at all of these out-of-the-way venues. Why spend another boring night on a business trip in a hotel room alone? Make tonight a new adventure to remember.

I’m very open to cultivating deeper, more serious connections with a very select number of partners. Everyone needs companionship and I am no exception. I’d love to have regular visits with someone, having alone time once a week, once a month or every time they are in town. We can start at the beginning of a companion connection, going for walks, catching a show, or sharing dinner. I’d like to get to know you and organically grow our companionship from there before we move to a more intimate level of connection.

My expectation from someone who wants to be my companion, is that they put the time and commitment in. Commitment is shown by carving out time for us and understanding that I need to run a business that is completely based on being paid for my time. If I’m spending time with you, I’d like the same kind of ‘commitment’. Companionship connection is not escorting. Escorting is based on sex, involves a short period of time and is charged at a premium rate. Companion connection allows a relaxed time frame, generally a longer visit time and is a paid service at a comfortable level of what you’re willing to offer.

If you live in Toronto and want some company, Dee makes the perfect companion for all your day and night time adventures. She is fun, interesting and can show you a good time on the town.

Companion weekends are available by pre-arrangement, see travelling companion. Travel to major cities possible upon request.


A Different Option for a Traveling Companion

Are you looking to get away? Tired of visiting beautiful and romantic destinations alone? Want an elegant, mature and cultured woman on your arm to share holidays with? Why not consider Dee as a traveling companion. Dee has a valid passport and is available for travel by pre-arrangement*. Guaranteed to lower your stress level, enhance your days and excite your nights. Why not try something new and exciting with one of Canada’s top trans women.

How Will We Present?

We will present as a normal couple going on vacation. Dee is very passable and has been a traveling companion on “straight” cruises before. She always has a great time and was always treated with dignity and respect by others on the cruise, both staff and fellow travelers. No reason to feel uncomfortable. She is a gracious hostess to her companion and will spoil you with her “luv, lust and laughs”.

Pre-Arrangement Means

Before leaving her front door, all arrangements must be made between Dee and her companion concerning travel, accommodation, meals, expenses, compensation and expectations.

Consider the following questions:

What’ the upper limit that you are willing or comfortable to offer Dee for the proposed trip

What’s does this offering include?

What are your expectations? What do you consider mandatory?

The particulars of each trip will be ironed out well in advance of the proposed start date. In addition, for security reasons, Dee must meet you a few times in an informal setting like dinner or the theatre to determine compatibility. It is important to ensure that you get along and like the same things.

Certain guidelines/considerations

Travel: This includes airfare, taxis to and from her residence, and transportation in and around the destination

Accommodation: My strong preference in most circumstances is to have my own room. Ideally this will be attached to your room or right next door. This means booking two rooms, the details of which can be worked out together.

Meals/Expenses: With the exception of one or two meals out together, consider what allowances will be made for ‘walking around’ money and other meals

Expectations: This is extremely important and must be clear before any engagement begins. Please think about what your expectations are in regards to time spent together, apart, type of engagement (i.e. meals out, accompaniment on excursions or entertainment) and intimate time together


When considering what to offer Dee to accompany you on a trip, you need to think about whether this figure is in addition to incurred costs listed above (travel, meals etc.), or inclusive of your other expenses.

Does this intrigue you? Feel free to comment or if you know of some transgender friendly travel options, we would love to hear about them!

Personal Shopping / Outings / Dinner

Local Outings

Experience an outing with Shemale Dee, often referred to as one of Canada’s top t-girls. She loves to go out and socialize. She is a fun-filled, exciting and adventurous date whom you may wish to take out to dinner, stroll along the boardwalk with or even take along shopping. Did you know that Toronto has a first class theatre district that rivals New York and London? If you have a special event to attend and desire a companion on your arm or simply want to have a discrete, intimate candlelit dinner, this lady will promise an unforgettable experience. She has a university degree and is a great conversationalist. TSDee is one of those women whom men seek out in a group to just talk to. She exudes charm and grace.

Toronto has so much to see and do. An outing with Dee is a great way to explore Toronto and experience some of the festivals this vibrant city is known for. If you are interested in having this fascinating woman beside you for a magical evening, you will be pleased that you chose Dee, one of Toronto hottest transgender women. The opportunities for fun-filled outings with Dee are endless.

“an outing with Dee is a great way to explore Toronto”

Weekend Outings or Getaways

How about a spa weekend getaway as an outing with Dee? There are many remarkable spas and Bed & Breakfast Inns located within an hour’s drive from Toronto. Enjoy couples massages, wonderful meals and great scenery. How about a “gastro tour” of some of the remarkable restaurants that Montreal has to offer? Montreal is a 55 minutes away by plane from Billy Bishop Airport, Toronto’s easily accessible downtown airport.

Gender Options

Dee can “couple” with a man or with a woman. For the bi-curious woman, Dee is the “whole package” when it comes to outings. The girlfriend to shop and flirt with during the day and the translesbian lover (with all the right parts) at night. An outing with Dee is like going out with your BFF, only better.

For men, Dee is the ultra sexy lover that most men dream of. She is always eager to please her lover and loves to dress sexy and tease.

Make your next outing unforgettable. Contact Dee and book some time with her today.


Some men prefer a more refined and mature transgendered woman such as Dee. Dee brings a sense of maturity and confidence into every aspect of intimacy, making her an ideal partner for the discerning gentleman. She also has a wonderful sense of humour and enjoys living a life full of sex and fun. You only need to be in her presence to immediately feel more comfortable, more relaxed and better able to take a break from the everyday pressures of your normal life.

Finding a mature trans woman like Dee in like finding a needle in a stack of needles. It’s rare to find anyone who has ‘the whole package’ of maturity, refinement, playfulness and sexiness. It is her experience, the once you’ve been with her, you never stray too far. Dee has had a full and rich life to date and will continue to engage in what she loves. She understands and practices great customer service. She values her clients and is an icon of grace and kindness. She treats everyone with dignity and respect.

Over the years, Dee has gained a great deal of experience with men and is a more knowledgeable woman in comparison with her younger counterparts. Many of her clients have commented that when they have visited younger t-girls out there, they tend to be a little more business focused and are rather stingy with their time. It’s all business, “hurry the deed along” and out the door. As a more mature tgirl, Dee knows the value of conversation and enjoys engaging with her clients with their clothes on! With Dee, the luxury of time is always on your side, no one is watching the clock.

Experience refinement, playfulness, sexiness. “‘The Whole Package’

This is not what she does, this is who she is … PURE FANTASY FULFILLMENT

Bi-curious men are fantastic!

… men so many options to choose from

Let’s face it, cocks are magnificent. Were you that kid who tried sucking his own cock? Daydreaming about sucking cock? What would it feel like, what would it look like… You KNOW it feels good having YOUR cock sucked, but what does it really feel like sucking one but not a man’s but a sexy woman’s cock?

How about sucking a cock that is attached to the most gorgeous woman that you have ever seen? Big tits. Long blonde hair. Full, pouting lips and a voracious tongue ready to devour you. How about fucking this goddess in the ass while she has a raging hard-on?

“why should sexual pleasure be gender specific?”


Meet the Goddess You Have Been Looking For

Here is your chance to explore so many of your secret desires all wrapped up in a hell of one knock out package. TSDee’s magnificent cock is a sight to behold and hold. Here is your chance to touch a cock that’s not yours. Let TSDee straddle you and engulf your cock along with her own in her hand and start to masturbate both of them at the same time while kissing you. Watch her hands work thier magic on both of you at the same time.

Being bi-curious is nothing to be ashamed of. You are the proud owner of a beautiful cock so use it to it’s full potential!

Bi-Curious Couples

Bi-Curious couples are couples who have expanded their intimacy to include other partners. Often they will invite another man or woman to join and enhance their love-making. Introducing a sexy trangendered woman to the party brings this intimacy to a whole other level.

It is in their fantasy of the ideal 3rd play partner, that the notion of a very passable trans women emerges as someone who has “the best of both worlds” … someone who has both types of naughty bits. In reality, it is rare that bi couples will specifically be looking for a trans woman but it does happen occasionally. When it does happen, how lucky am I?

Most bi males, in my experience, enjoy the fantasy of seeing his girlfriend or wife play with another woman. What could be better than if that woman had a penis and was able to fuck the both of you?!

In the same vein, a woman may fantasize about her boyfriend or husband playing with a man’s (transwomen’s) cock. She may suggest to her bi guy that it would be ok to enjoy sucking a cock in front of her. I find it interesting that a lot of bi women love watching men such cock to the surprise of most men and women. Most bi-curious men will love to do this but be hesitant to reveal this to even a life partner.

But the open Bi couple and specifically female in the relations will often find it very arousing to watch her partner suck a “women cock”. Her next challenge to herself and to him is suggesting, does he want to be fucked by her? This raises the stakes and being “curious” about what his answer or behaviour will be like actually doing it. She may often discover things about herself and she did not know or believe.

The trans women has always and will always be a simple and fantasy play toy. Most trans women will not play with other women or bi-women or bi-couples.

I am quite different as I loooooove women and actually date women. I was married and have dates women quite often. My preference is to fuck pussy and I truly love it. What turns me on is to erotically seduce the female of the bi-couple in front of him. Letting him watch only while erotic, vivid fantasies imagery and vivid dialogue about my interest is her or how much HE should be the 3rd, often will make sparks happen.

Sometime if the dominant partner is the female she may love the idea of having a “lesbian trans lover” with benefits. If she is a dominate then the level of mental control may be risen to having him suck her new trans lovers cock to get it ready for him to insert the “female penis” in her…. how exciting!

Please feel free to share any comments, feedback or opinions about what you are hoping for with your experience with TSDee.

Yes I and have and do this type of play all the time. Yes I love it and I am a “lifestyler” too!… Pure Fantasy Fulfillment!

Duo’s Trio’s and More

Unlike the majority of escorts in Toronto, TSDee offers the singular service of arranging and engaging in playtime with other women, trans women, or men to create duo’s threesome’s or moresomes. Having a threesome is a very common fantasy and Dee is happy to make your dreams come true!

When seeking a duo, threesome or more, a great deal of forethought and planning is required. We are happy to facilitate this organization on your behalf. Dee has several of play partners who would be eager to get involved so you only need to decide who you want to join the party. You must be specific.

You have the option of a woman, a trans woman like Dee or a man. Once you have decided who you’d like to invite to join you in a threesome, Dee will contact them. Please have a few dates and times in mind for the session, this will make it easier for Dee to co-ordinate everyone’s schedules.

Organising a play party is not for those of you who want the biggest bang for their buck. This is not a bargain basement sale, it is a VIP experience. Please think generously when considering your offer of compensation for the organization of a party where you are the guest of honour.

When booking a third or fourth person, please be aware that a minimum 50%, non-refundable deposit, per person, is required. Generally, the rates for these additional players are comparable to Dee’s, with a little bit of flexibility depending on the level of engagement and involvement you’d like with them.

Once the date and time have been booked for your fantasy encounter, we require a confirmation call 24-48 hours before our session, and a one hour call before our booked time to let us know that you’re on your way. If you change your mind about the players you’d like in your threesome, it is MANDATORY that you give us as much notice as possible, at a minimum 48 hours.

Photos of our play partners are available upon request, at the time of booking.

PERSONALIZED WebCam | FriendshipCam | SexCam | PhoneSessions


The next best thing to being there!

Shemale Escort TS Dee has a unique gift for taking her clients to new heights through verbalization. Her ability to guide you from one erotic scene to another creates a powerful impression during intimacy. It is always colourful and imaginative. Dee initiates this provocative dialogue for her WebCam appearances, over the phone and “in-person” appointments as well.






WebCam: Refers to my interaction with you using audio video and chat

FriendshipCam: Use interactive WebCam services specifically for indepth discussion and two way video interaction of topics of important to you

SexCam: Using a WebCam service specifically for erotic and sexual interaction involving genital exposure

FootCam: Using my WebCam specifically for Foot Fetish teasing and voyeurism

PhoneSessions: This service is very popular which uses audio only, ideal for consulting coaching tutoring mentoring or erotic fantasy dialogue



Dee’s Live Viewer: This is a viewing window which opens a new tab and can be found on my nav menu or is the center grey icon of a camera lens in TSDee Today. A grey box in the center turns into a large image of me when I am broadcasting. This can be made full screen.

Dee’s Mobile Viewer: This is another set of windows which open a new tab and can be accessed on my nav menu. Either upper or bottom windows are used for you to view me and talk on your mobile device or cell phone or tablet where I broadcast from my fixed location desktop. I can also broadcast from my mobile device to your mobile device.

SKYPE: This is a very popular service used quite a lot for international communication. It makes use of audio video and chat which is a way to text and send documents.
You must be a member and have and account which is easy and quick to do. SKYPE also allows you to make a phone call over the internet using the SKYPE network instead of your cell service provider. My SKYPE name is “”.
Please be mindful of International Time Zones when calling as I am in EASTERN TIME ZONE so try to book for a session using my Contact tab

FaceTime or HangOuts: A very convenient and contemporary video and audio service if you have and mobile device or tablet



Personalized WebCam: A part of my Elite Escort Experience, I custom tailor our web time interaction to meet your specific needs and desires. Unlike most “canned / pigeon holed” webcam sites services that have predetermined categories and countless same old, same old entertainers, I personalize exactly want YOU want. I am there for you! Your only limit is your wildest fantasy and imagination.

Companion WebCam: My VIP Companion WebCam Experience is for those who are looking for a very special companion. Are you lonely a lot of the time? Are your Friday nights without someone to engage in personal, romantic or companion togetherness? Are you like most who are older, or divorced/widower and unhappy with a disappointing club/bar level of meeting people? Would you like to have someone like me to be a friend with, a remote special lady, an internet companion who could be there for you on a occasional or regular basis? We can set up weekly, bi-weekly or monthly internet dates. It really is the next best thing to being here… and we would be practicing safe sex!

Consulting WebCam: My Consulting WebCam is for those of you can’t come to see me for an in person consultations. You will love the idea of having a clear, vivid, “face to face” meeting with me on-line to address all you personal needs. I have used this type of on-line interaction extensively to provide consulting, coaching, tutoring and mentoring as a Transgender Life Coach for years. Cross dressers on their journey can ask a variety of help related topics such as coming out, identifying, make up, hormones, surgery consideration, whatever you want to discuss. Because of my specialized psychology degree with over 40 years of experience as a trans women I am able to provide a variety of physiological perspectives.

Erotic WebCam: My Ertoic WebCam Experience is my SexCam experience. I am using my SexCam to interact specifically for erotic, sexual or fetish voyeurism. Please be respectful of setting up an appointment in advance, as we may not necessarily be sitting with our clothes off at the same time you decide to call. Also please do not call with you exposed and stroking yourself! Courtesy, respect and professionalism will get you so so much further.


How To

Call as early as possible on the day you want and leave a message if necessary to request a time you would like that day.

You can request an appointment using my Contact tab. Once you submit 1, 2 or 3 times that are good for you I will approve one and you will get a notification 1 hour before not to forget

Call no later than 30 min before your booked time to confirm we are still a go

At that time we will also test our WebCams at both ends to make sure all things/technologies are working.



1. Email Money Transfer is my favorite as it is secure and discreet if you are in Canada.

2. You can also use your own credit card for discreet billing from my consulting company that you can explain you were getting on line consulting services. But you can also purchase a Loadable , Instant or Prepaid Credit Cards which are non traceable, are the best for discretion. You can purchase these at any convenience store for any amount or load up the card with any amount you want, call it your “Emergency Card”. Purchased instant or loadable cards if not in Canada must be able to make internet/international payments.

3. PayPal is very easy too. You need to be a member and go to their site. At the top select “Send Money” icon then “Send money gift to a friend” tab. Then simply typing my phone number 1 416 743 6253 (same as 1 416 SHEMALE) and make your donation.