The Perfect Personal Companion


This athletic and statuesque transgender woman loves getting dressed up and being on the arm of her companion to any social event. Dee is comfortable in a multitude of social settings, whether it be a quiet dinner for two or a social event. Her down to earth nature and wit are a refreshing change to the ‘pretty but dim’ girls you’ve seen before. Dee loves living a clean lifestyle, she doesn’t smoke, drink or use any recreational drugs. You can have an intelligent conversation with this multi-faceted woman who has a degree in Psychology, Business and Computer Studies. Her infectious smile and beautiful hazel eyes will captivate you and she is the perfect model of etiquette. She’s imbued with the social graces and good manners that make her at home in venues from the Ritz Hotel, upscale restaurants or even the boardwalk cafe.

Dee’s studio is approximately 10 minutes by taxi from the airport and there are many great restaurants in the immediate area. If discretion is a consideration for you, a good selection of restaurants exist in her out-of-the-mainstream neighborhood where Dee is known and respected by staff. You can feel safe and at ease at all of these out-of-the-way venues. Why spend another boring night on a business trip in a hotel room alone? Make tonight a new adventure to remember.

I’m very open to cultivating deeper, more serious connections with a very select number of partners. Everyone needs companionship and I am no exception. I’d love to have regular visits with someone, having alone time once a week, once a month or every time they are in town. We can start at the beginning of a companion connection, going for walks, catching a show, or sharing dinner. I’d like to get to know you and organically grow our companionship from there before we move to a more intimate level of connection.

My expectation from someone who wants to be my companion, is that they put the time and commitment in. Commitment is shown by carving out time for us and understanding that I need to run a business that is completely based on being paid for my time. If I’m spending time with you, I’d like the same kind of ‘commitment’. Companionship connection is not escorting. Escorting is based on sex, involves a short period of time and is charged at a premium rate. Companion connection allows a relaxed time frame, generally a longer visit time and is a paid service at a comfortable level of what you’re willing to offer.

If you live in Toronto and want some company, Dee makes the perfect companion for all your day and night time adventures. She is fun, interesting and can show you a good time on the town.

Companion weekends are available by pre-arrangement, see travelling companion. Travel to major cities possible upon request.