Traveling Companion

A Different Option for a Traveling Companion


Are you looking to get away? Tired of visiting beautiful and romantic destinations alone? Want an elegant, mature and cultured woman on your arm to share holidays with? Why not consider Dee as a traveling companion. Dee has a valid passport and is available for travel by pre-arrangement*. Guaranteed to lower your stress level, enhance your days and excite your nights. Why not try something new and exciting with one of Canada’s top trans women.

How Will We Present?

We will present as a normal couple going on vacation. Dee is very passable and has been a traveling companion on “straight” cruises before. She always has a great time and was always treated with dignity and respect by others on the cruise, both staff and fellow travelers. No reason to feel uncomfortable. She is a gracious hostess to her companion and will spoil you with her “luv, lust and laughs”.

Certain Guidelines & Considerations

Travel: This includes airfare, taxis to and from her residence, and transportation in and around the destination

Accommodation: My strong preference in most circumstances is to have my own room. Ideally this will be attached to your room or right next door. This means booking two rooms, the details of which can be worked out together.

Meals/Expenses: With the exception of one or two meals out together, consider what allowances will be made for ‘walking around’ money and other meals

Expectations: This is extremely important and must be clear before any engagement begins. Please think about what your expectations are in regards to time spent together, apart, type of engagement (i.e. meals out, accompaniment on excursions or entertainment) and intimate time together.

Pre-Arrangement Means


The particulars of each trip will be ironed out well in advance of the proposed start date. In addition, for security reasons, Dee must meet you a few times in an informal setting like dinner or the theatre to determine compatibility. It is important to ensure that you get along and like the same things.

Before leaving her front door, all arrangements must be made between Dee and her companion concerning travel, accommodation, meals, expenses, compensation and expectations.

Consider The Following Questions:


  1. What’ the upper limit that you are willing or comfortable to offer Dee for the proposed trip?
  2. What’s does this offering include?
  3. What are your expectations?
  4. What do you consider mandatory?


When considering what to offer Dee to accompany you on a trip, you need to think about whether your offer is in addition to incurred costs listed above (ie. airfare, hotel, transportation expenses like taxi’s etc, meals, gifts etc.), or inclusive of your other expenses.

Does this intrigue you? Feel free to comment or if you know of some transgender friendly travel options, we would love to hear about them!