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My name is Dee (TranSDee). I am Pure Fantasy Fulfillment… an experienced professional shemale escort who loves her life / work. I am proud of offering a personalized erotic experience to every client who comes to see me, tailored to your specific tastes and desires. Forget about inexperienced, ego oriented, young girls who are only in it for the quick money. To me you are a unique person, someone who wants to share a very personal intimate moments with someone who is genuine, caring, creative, erotic and an experienced professional . I make fantasies a reality!


I have twenty years of experience as service provider, and I am familiar with all manner of play, from a simple but intensely passionate encounter, to elaborate erotic role-play. I am no stranger to group scenes or exotic fetishes. Unlike some women, I never judge, and no matter what your request, you always have my guarantee of complete discretion.


Many of my clients have been with me for years and keep coming back because I offer them a genuine human connection which surpassed other SP’s. Those who call for the first time will experience a genuine interest in what you want and how I can help. I do put people at ease as my natural way of dealing with all people on a personal and professional level. See for yourself and give me a call now.


I am a proud full time trans woman who I embraces all things female. Nothing makes me happier than when my clients make me feel like a Lady,. But I also love and enjoy my girl cock as so I am someone you can experience a true unique erotic encounter. Experience a woman with something extra , Experience the Best Of Both Worlds.


For those outside Toronto or can’t make it to see me for an in-person session because of you busy schedule, I also offer long distance services via a variety of easy to use technological methods such as; my Dee”s Live Viewer, WebCam, Chat & ChatVideoCam, FaceTime, Skype and of course I do offer PhoneSex services. Don’t be intimidated if you are not up to all the latest stuff, I can walk you through any of these and make the process so easy to use and experience such a hot time, you will want to do it again soon.