Fetish … The Object


What Is A Fetish

Fetish the Object… is seen or used as a sexual focus such as Legs Feet Shoes Pantyhose Nylon Stockings Lingerie Latex & RolePlay items. I have them all!
Step beyond a vanilla encounter and experience anything you can imagine, any object of sexual desire.

Do you dream of an ultimate trans women with all her erotic clothes and play things that complete the total visually erotic package? Perhaps you prefer to be on your knees enjoying her perfect long legs, her sex feminine feet, the natural scent or her well worn nylons or pantyhose?
Maybe you have fetish for many objects that day back to your early childhood of your mother, aunt, teacher, or friends mom where you could sneak into her closet or laundry basket to see, touch, fondle and sniff the personal intimate things of your favorite women.

A Woman's Personal Things

For men who long to be in the company of an assertive & controlling women at play or in the bedroom, I offer the chance to explore your fetishes. How great would it be to be the a trans women who can be the perfect balance of assertive control and erotic playfulness. But even more than that, have her dressed in the clothes of your most erotic fetish desire, her nylons, undergarments or shoes that have always drove you crazy when any women wears them.

Foot Fetish & Leg Admiration

Foot fetish is a particular specialty of mine. I love foot worship, both in receiving but I also very much enjoy performing foot fetish play on cisgender females. Couples who I get together with have had the added pleasure of the female being given a very sensual foot massage and worship. What I do to women is what I want men to do to me.
Foot fetishism is one of the strongest fetish that there is. I has to do with a women’s scent, and being on the floor around women when you were young but also feet and legs resemble a penis and a foot is the closest thing on a woman’s body that resembles a penis. If you are an oral lover you likely have a fetish for women’s feet or legs…interesting!

Nylon Stockings, Pantyhose & High Heels

Fetish clothing is something else I absolutely adore. Old fashioned full fashion nylon stockings are my specialty, and I have no shortage of them to complement lingerie, outfits, costumes and sex-wear.
If shoes are something that have always had you turning your head in a mall when a women wears them then look no further. I have literally a wall of shoes…in fact over 350 pairs…likely more if I counted. As a former shoe designer who studied over 5 years to design and hand craft custom ladies fashion footwear I know shoes.
Furthermore if the erotic visual of seeing a women’s foot print in her well worn shoes or noticing her scent in them after a long day, makes you instantly aroused you are not alone,

Cross-Dressing Fetish

There isn’t a area which I understand more than cross-dressing. I get it, as I went thru it and wanted it to be a part of my life. It is a significant part of who I am.
All women’s personal things apply to this category as a fetish. Wigs, makeup, undergarments, corsets, lingerie, nylons & garter, panties, pantyhose, shoes, short skirts in leather, latex, PVC and even uniforms or costumes all create the visual package. Each one has a huge significance for some but all put together can lead a man to want to spend a lot of time just simple enjoy the object(s) in his privacy. I get it because I did it and still do!




TSDee Pattern Panty HoseLegs


TSDee Loves Women's Bare Feet To Sniff Lick Kiss & SuckFeet


TSDee Has Over 350 Pairs Of ShoesShoes


TSDee In Shimmery Tanned Panty Hose Soles Of Her Feet ShowingPantyHose


TSDee In Taupe Full Fashion Nylons Stockings & Garter Belt & MulesFull Fashion Nylons


TSDee In Vintage Full Body Girdle Nylon Stocking & Stillettos On Vintage PhoneLingerie


TSDee Latex Fetish Brat With SuckerLatex


TSDee Role Play & Special InterestsRolePlay Costumes