Do you have a secret desire to wear women’s clothes?  Do you need to let the women in you out? Maybe you are a closet CrossDresser or weekend fetishist?  Perhaps you just want to try on pantyhose or nylons, panties, sexy high heel shoes and play with someone who “gets it”. Maybe there is more to it than just dressing.

What CrossDressing is Not

Cross dressing is not about the degradation or mocking of women.  It is quite the opposite as most who enjoy and experience the practice know that it is about de-masculinizing ones “male-ness” while elevating or glorifying “women-ness”

How to prepare for a cross dressing visit

Call me to discuss an overview what you have in mind for your cross dressing session. If you have specifics, it really is best if you can fully explain what you want to do, then to write down your thoughts and send it to me by using my CONTACT email below.   Tell me what you are looking for, what your expectations are, as this will be the structure / basis for our session together. I will love to hear your feedback and discuss the highlights of your experience after. 


What is Transformation? While similar to cross dressing, transformations are more complete and time intensive.  Transformations require a minimum 2-3 hour commitment to work on every aspect of your female persona.

Theatrical Make-Up

Dee is a master of re-shaping the male skull to create a more feminine profile through theatrical makeup.  The suggested appearance of higher cheek bones, proper placement of feminine eyebrows and the best technique to hide beard stubble are all part of the process.

All the Tools

As a transgender woman, Dee has a vast array of wigs and  can transform you into a blonde, brunette or a red head.  Sexy long hair or flirty and sassy short hair, the choice is yours.  A large selection of clothes, undergarments and shoes in many different sizes to accommodate any body type complete the look.  She has prosthetic silicone breasts, full toro breast form, waist cinchers, corsets and more  She has fashioned hip and leg foams to be inserted into girdles to help achieve the girlish figure you are looking for.

What Kind of Look Do You Want?

Just let Dee know what type of girl you want to be today and she can make you look exactly as you wish.  You can choose slutty, classy and sexy, vixen, little school girl, or any other vision you may have in mind.  Let your wildest vision of yourself happen with a transformation from Dee.

What Happens Next?

After you are completely transformed, you may wish to pose in front of the mirror and admire the new you.   Photos are optional upon request to remember and cherish.  After the transformation, there are frequent requests for trans-lesbian sex so please keep this in mind when booking your appointment.



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