In-Person Meetings

In-Person INTRODUCTION meeting 20 Min $100
In-Person MINIMUM time 30 Min $150
In Person RELAXED Time 40 Min $200
In Person GENEROUS time 50 Min $250
In Person EXTENDED time 1 Hr $300

On-Line Sessions

On-Line FACETIME session 30 Min $100
DEE's VIDEO CHATCAM session 25 Min $80
DEE'S LIVE VIEWER session 25 Min $80
ConsultingCam using SKYPE 25 Min $60
Audio only PHONE CALL PhoneSex 30 Min $60

In-Person Meetings & On-Line Live Virtual Sessions

Methods Of Payment


The classic, easiest and most discreet payment method, cash is always preferredCustomers should note that I reserve the right to require a deposit when you “request an appointment” usually from first timers or for elaborate sessions requiring extra time and attention.


Email transfers are the fastest, simplest and easiest ways to transfer money directly between banks. The email transfer is so instant and painless I actually consider this method preferable to credit cards.  This service is only available within Canada.

Credit Card

Credit Card is one of the most popular methods of payment.  If you are concerned about discretion and statements then I would suggest you use a Prepaid or Loadable card which leaves no record of the transaction.  The credit card payment transaction is processed by SQUARE, a very secure and reliable financial service, digital payment and point of sale solution.


PayPal is another simple and easy way to transfer money and I definitely accept PayPal gifts as a form of payment. All you need to do is login to your PayPal account and search my phone number 416 743 6253 to “Send a gift”.  I do ask customers to be discreet in describing the reason for their payment in order to protect both them and myself.