Rates … A Better Approach


My Pricing Policy – My approach to pricing and rates are distinctively different from any other escort & service providers.

What really matters is what is the upper limit of what you are financially offering. This makes sense and has you in mind. There is no point in me asking for $1 more than the upper limit of what you are willing to spend.

Forget about what everyone else is doing or using 1 hour as a standard measure of a great time. Do you know anyone who orgasms in 1 hour increments? Silly to think about it that way but in fact most men do!

Both of us can enjoy an absolutely fantastic, eventfully, creative and satisfying erotic sexual experience in 20 min. The more you offer the more time we have. Like filling up at the gas station, I will tell you how far you can get on that tank of gas! Sometime Specialty Services or special requests require more perpetration, effort and resources which demand a minimum.

No Pressure – Once you book a session, you can come over and meet me in person, and if you change your mind within the first few minutes, there’s no cost, no obligation & no hard feelings if you want to leave. No other escort, that I am aware of, will let you do that!

Suggested Rates – If you want a ballpark figure to have in mind before you call, expect $100 per 20 minutes. I’ve found the sweet spot for most guys is $200 for a 40 minutes.

When you are ready to make a booking a more complete listing of my Rates & Services can be found on the Contact Tab or use my app which you can bookmark for your direct access to booking app.tsdee.com

In-Person Meetings & Live Electronic Meetings

In Person INTRODUCTION Meeting

$100.00 / 20 Min

In Person MINIMUM Meeting

$150.00 / 30 Min

In Person RELAXED Meeting

$200.00 / 40 Min

In Person GENEROUS Meeting

$250.00 / 50 Min

In Person EXTENDED Meeting

$300.00 / 1 Hr

In-Person Meetings & Live Electronic Meetings



Methods Of Payment


The classic, easiest and most discreet payment method, cash is always accepted. Customers should note that I reserve the right to require a down payment to reserve your appointment for first time customers, or expensive scenes, which might have to be taken by another method.


Email transfers are simple and easy ways to transfer money directly between bank accounts. The transfer is so instant and painless I actually consider this method preferable to credit cards. Only available within Canada.


PayPal is another simple and easy way to transfer money and I definitely accept PayPal gifts as a form of payment. All you need is my phone number 416 743 6253 to “Send a gift”. I do ask customers to be discreet in describing the reason for their payment in order to protect both them and myself.

Credit Card

I can accept remote credit card payments via Square, or Stripe. Simply provide me with your payment information by email or over the phone. In addition to regular credit cards I can accept prepaid cards available at most convenience stores. For those who do use their own cards, discreet billing is available, so that your payment will appear on your monthy statements as a payment for consulting services or to another type of business.

Tap Card

If you have a credit or debit card configured to pay by tap, I can take payment at the door.As with cash, a down payment by another method may be required in advance for first time or exceptional appointments to secure my time.

Apple Pay

As an additional method of long-distance payment I accept Apple Pay.