Escort: The Oldest Profession Yesterdays Whores

by | Oct 14, 2020 | Escort, Fantasy

The Oldest Profession Yesterday’s Whores – When Sex Work was Just Work 


These days working girls have it hard.  I occupy a position of relative privilege as a VIP Escort.  My clients find me online and book with me by phone – no walking the streets in a short skirt hoping to be picked up by someone who’ll pay promptly and respect my limits.  It’s a safer, more dignified way of doing things than some of my fellow providers endure.

But even I have to deal with constant harassment from boys who find entertainment in wasting a sex worker’s time or sending her rude messages.  Also, with outright  threats from people who are miffed when i won’t compromise on my limits.  And like every sex worker I live under the constant low level fear of criminal prosecution because the government feels it’s appropriate to tell me what I can and can’t do with my own body.

This just hasn’t always been true!  Throughout much if history providers were simply a part of society.  Today is the first installment in a new series of occasional blog posts looking back on how past societies have regarded sex work.  Today’s society in question: Ancient Rome!