Fantasy: My Pottie Chair Throne

by | Jan 25, 2021 | Escort, Fantasy, Fetish

For those who want to truly worship me, front and back, my most unseen place, my rosebud, my asshole, there’s no better way for them to do so than using my “throne”. One lucky man got to see me from above!¬† Let me tell you about it…

Sinfully Exposed
Crouched down atop the chair, my cock, balls, and rosebud are completely exposed, impossible for the man below me to escape. I can feel the air caress me skin. And I am in a perfect position to enjoy his hands and mouth. I am always perfectly clean and douched, of course, and I insist he pleasure every inch of me outside and inside.
To help my lover please me fully I use a suction device to help my sphincter muscle actually produce a little ways – just far enough for him to truly wrap his lips around it.
Anal play is wonderful, of course, but a girl has other needs too, and my lover does not disappoint. He strokes me, firm and slow, with skilled hands, and takes my balls in his mouth, building me up slowly. I love it when a man takes his time to please me properly.

Riding the Edge
Don’t get me wrong; I do enjoy a good orgasm, but that kind of happy ending is hardly the only one. I love being kept on edge – being teased and pleasured for hours, sometimes, as I squirm and relax and enjoy your ministrations. Sometimes I prefer not to cum at all -it can be fun staying horny and squirming for the next guy

Teaching You to Worship Me
Have you never taken the time to truly and thoroughly worship a trans girl before? I can teach you.