Escort: Dee’s Dick

by | Jul 22, 2021 | Escort

Dee’s Dick

“If life was a bowl of fruit, it’s ok to have a banana once in a while…it doesn’t mean you’re a banana!” Just because you may want to explore a penis for the first time or exploring it occasionally does not make you gay. It has been done since Adam was created
You have a penis and love to play/masterbate with it every day. If you could suck your own you would! So the idea of sucking a girl cock makes the lines of taboo blurred. No one every told you about “the rules” for sucking a women’s cock. Leave your guilt at church (respectfully), and live in the reality of living life to the fullest with all the beauty of discovering what life has to offer.

My girl cock is extra special…. I love to have it bound, stroked, fondled and sucked. You’ve never had a girl cock like mine. In terms of size, I am bigger than average and cut but every size and variation is welcome through my door. I am a pleaser, I want you to enjoy your girl cock experience with me as much as I’ll love being played with. Your size, your girth, your performance and your cum load do not determine the amount of pleasure I get from playing with you.

Taking that first step of wanting to play with a shemale can be scary and somewhat daunting but have no fear. First timers are more than welcome, and we can go as slow as you want. I take great pleasure in leading you down the glorious path of girl cock and can’t wait to share this experience with you.

Various Scenarios

You may be wondering about how I am going to take you down the path of experiencing Dee’s Dick. Some may only be willing to explore a trans women cock by imagining and believing that this is a girl dick or a women’s cock. Some of you may just want to see, touch or explore. Some may have the fantasy of being with a date they met at a bar and when they get home pleasantly discovering “her snake”. Some men love their Aunty Dee who teases her favorite nephew by sitting across from him reading and exposing her women cock enough to have her nephew go crazy with excitement and want to suck her cock. I have others who love being forced to suck dick, fantasizing you are my husband/neighbor/date/trans-boss into forced oral. These are just a few of the scenes I have done, maybe you have a fantasy you may want to share or explore today with me? Come over and meet my pet snake you will lover “her”!