Escort: I will drink white wine ORALLY & ANALLY!

by | Aug 6, 2021 | Escort, Fantasy White Wine Anally & Fucked IMG 1430

I Seldom Drink, But We Can Still Share a Glass of Wine

It’s no secret that I love anal play, and I am not exactly a vanilla girl. Today I wanted to share one of my favorite and naughtiest fetishes – combing an enema with a nice glass of wine!

Erotic Enemas
There’s something so satisfying about the feeling of being filled fuller than what any toy or cock can manage. A good enema builds a delicious pressure that grow and grows, almost painfully, until it ends with a feeling of glorious, final release. For an anal play aficionado like me, the sensation of hot water filling you up and then discharging is a deeply erotic sensation. A good enema release is almost orgasmic, leaving me empty and satisfied.
I actually douche 2-3 times a day regardless of customers. It leaves me feeling fresh, and un-bloated. Hygiene is very important to me, both in my customers and in myself and i love feeling clean, especially back there.

Douching with Wine
I seldom drink with my clients, but that doesn’t mean we can’t ‘share a glass’. One of my favorite kinky forms of anal play is to have a man bring over a bottle of nice white wine (red tends to stain) and douche it up into me.
By absorbing directly through the anal walls it gets one tipsy much faster than simply drinking it! But that’s only part of the thrill.
Once it’s been up there for a while, I can expel it back at my lover, giving him a mouthful of wine straight from my asshole (fanatically cleaned, of course, ahead of time)! For some there’s no more erotic and personal humiliation and bathroom play experience than drinking from my personal wine cellar.
For a submissive, fastening their lips around my ass and getting ready for a mouthful reminds them of their place reminds them of their place like few things can. For someone who’s fetish is purely for bathroom play it’s a unique fantasy – something far different from the usual piss-play fare.