Escort: Helping Bi Curious Guys

by | Nov 7, 2021 | Consulting, Escort, General

Helping Bi Curious Guys Explore their Sexualities 


Let’s face it, cocks are magnificent.  Did you ever have naughty day dreams about others boys – the kind you wouldn’t have wanted your friends to know?  What would it feel like?  what would it look like? You KNOW it feels good having YOUR cock sucked, but what does it really feel like to suck one yourself?

Wouldn’t you like to finally find out?

How about if it were attached to a woman?  Big tits.  Full hips.  Long blonde hair. Feel my lips wrapped around your cock, and experience what it’s like to suck mine for the first time.

I love helping people explore their sexuality and I especially love being a guy’s very first cock and seeing the look in their eyes when they realize how much they like it.  Come experiment with an experienced, skilled trans woman.