Fetish: Exploring Your Secret Fetish

by | Sep 22, 2023 | Fetish

Exploring Your Secret Fetish  

The fact that I have my share of fetishes is no secret to anyone.
From a closet with over 350 pairs of shoes to my love of sexual role-play, to the latex and leather outfits you can see throughout my pictures, I’m a kinky girl and proud of it.
I love the smell of a woman’s well worn naturally scented high heel shoes. Our sense of smell is one of our most powerful senses and is the only one that is fully formed at birth. Scent has always been a powerful driver of my own fetishes. In fact my attraction to feet is so strong that I studied for 5 years under a master shoe designer to teach me how to create custom hand-made women’s footwear.
Every fetishist is different in terms of what gets them going. For some it’s a scent like me. For many a visual – the sight of a woman in a corset, or the shimmer of polished rubber. For others it’s a feeling, like the smoothness of nylon stockings against their skin. Whatever your fetish is I look forward to hearing all about it and helping you indulge it.
As always I specialize in making my clients comfortable and forming a real connection. I want to hear about your desires in detail and make them real, in an experience that you never expected to have outside of your imagination. I focus on Pure Fantasy Fulfillment and no-where is that more important.

Your New Fetish Addiction

A client shared a lovely tale with me by email just today. He’s admired my pictures and my posts, and through me had started to admires women’s’ feet… shoes…. nylons… it was wonderful to hear! I’d introduced him to a whole new world of desire. It was as if I’d infected him with my own addictions. How hot is that!?
Let me do the same for you – come share your perversions with me and let me do the same.

Our Secret

I am, of course, absolutely committed to your confidentiality. Whatever you tell me, no one else has to know. So share all your dirty secrets and lets enjoy them together!