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…it is the next best thing to being there!

…so please note my local 24hr Eastern Time Zone Toronto CANADA, and if you’re calling from another time zone.


1 Call as early as possible on the day you want.
2 Leave a message with the window of time you would like that day.
3 Or you can request an appointment in advance using my Contact tab.
4 Select the type of CyberSex service you would like. You can pick 1, 2 or 3 times that are convenient for you.
5 I will approve one, give you confirmation and you will get a notification 1 hour before not to forget.
6 We will connect about 10 min before our sked time to test the technology before your make a payment.
7 Once you know all technology is working and you know I am here ready to go, you make a payment.
8 I can make the payment and show you the verification of the payment process thur your viewing if you want.
9 We are on!


Dee’s Live Viewer: This is a viewing window which opens a new tab and can be found on my nav menu or is the center grey icon of a camera lens in TSDee Today. A grey box in the center turns into a large image of me when I am broadcasting. This can be made full screen.

ChatCam: is my newest feature which allow you to text chat with me when the chat icon is showing on the top right corner. I will reply if I am available. Just because you say hello doesn’t mean I am ready to talk at that time so please be patient. One of the nice things about this chat service is that you can also make a long distance audio call without it costing you anything by clicking the phone icon in the chat window. But even better is that you can click on the video icon in the chat window to view me Live. Easy for you, you don’t need any special equipment and you can view a very clear and non pixilated, non choppy resolution with rivals other viewing methods.

FaceTime: Is a very convenient and contemporary video and audio service if you have and Apple cell phone or tablet. Fun, fast, great quality and very easy to use if you have and Apple device. One of the things I like about this method is that I am mobile so you can view me in by bathroom or bedroom or where ever.

SKYPE: This is a very popular service used quite a lot for international communication. It makes use of audio video and chat which is a way to text and send documents.
You must be a member and have and account which is easy and quick to do. SKYPE also allows you to make a phone call over the internet using the SKYPE network instead of your cell service provider. My SKYPE name is ‘’.
Please be mindful of International Time Zones when calling as I am in EASTERN TIME ZONE so try to book for a session using my Contact tab.


Personalized WebCam: A part of my Elite Escort Experience, I custom tailor our web time interaction to meet your specific needs and desires. Unlike most “canned / pigeon holed” webcam sites services that have predetermined categories and countless same old, same old entertainers, I personalize exactly want YOU want. I am there for you! Your only limit is your wildest fantasy and imagination.

Companion WebCam: My VIP Companion WebCam Experience is for those who are looking for a very special companion. Are you lonely a lot of the time? Are your Friday nights without someone to engage in personal, romantic or companion togetherness? Are you like most who are older, or divorced/widower and unhappy with a disappointing club/bar level of meeting people? Would you like to have someone like me to be a friend with, a remote special lady, an internet companion who could be there for you on a occasional or regular basis? We can set up weekly, bi-weekly or monthly internet dates. It really is the next best thing to being here… and we would be practicing safe sex!

Consulting WebCam: My Consulting WebCam is for those of you can’t come to see me for an in person consultations. You will love the idea of having a clear, vivid, “face to face” meeting with me on-line to address all you personal needs. I have used this type of on-line interaction extensively to provide consulting, coaching, tutoring and mentoring as a Transgender Life Coach for years. Cross dressers on their journey can ask a variety of help related topics such as coming out, identifying, make up, hormones, surgery consideration, whatever you want to discuss. Because of my specialized psychology degree with over 40 years of experience as a trans women I am able to provide a variety of physiological perspectives.

Fetish WebCam: My Erotic Fetish WebCam Experience is my SexCam experience. I am using my SexCam to interact specifically for erotic, sexual or fetish voyeurism. Viewing specifically for a specialzed fetish I call FootCam LegCam ShoeCam NylonCam HoseCam etc. Please be respectful of setting up an appointment in advance, as we may not necessarily be sitting with our clothes off at the same time you decide to call. Also please do not call with you exposed and stroking yourself! Courtesy, respect and professionalism will get you so so much further.


Email Money Transfer EMT is my favorite as it is quick, easy, secure and discreet, if you are in Canada. Statements show payments made to my “YYZ Consulting Services & Products Company”.

Credit Card or any Prepaid, Loadable & Instant Credit Cards are the best for discretion and you can purchase at any convenience store for any amount or load up the card with any amount you want, call it your “Emergency Card”. Purchased instant or loadable cards if not in Canada must be able to make internet / international payments.

PayPal is very easy too. You need to be a member and go to their site. At the top select “Send Money” icon then “Send money gift to a friend” tab. Then simply typing my phone number 416 743 6253 and make your donation.


Dee's Live Viewer


416 SHE MALE same as 416 743 6253



SKYPE dee.paige