RolePlay: Fantasies Of Teacher, Nurse, Aunty

by | Oct 13, 2020 | Fantasy, Fetish, Roleplay Low Cut Short White Dress IMG 0791

Hello beautiful Lady Dee 🙂 

I just wanted to say that I really enjoy scrolling through your website, unlike most of the others, yours is well built (just as you are hehe), your pictures are just mesmerizing and sensual….and that smile is such a nice sight. I also enjoy reading your posts, you seem like a very smart and interesting woman, i like how you can put your thoughts in words, and the way you describe your inner assertive woman is so well written, I mean I am not a writers critics or anything hehe but I can still recognize talent when I see it haha.

Anywho, I have been coming to scroll through your site for like a year and a half now, and I would really like to meet you someday, since the first time I have seen your photos and read about yourself, but I live in New-Brunswick so its a bit far. I once had a very nice time with a transwoman about two years ago, and i was the top because I was kinda scared of trying out her member but I since then wanted very much to try it out again, but explore a lot more of the transwoman form 😉 But as you may know, New-B is not quite the place to meet trans women, I mean there are some but they mostly are in it for the money, or men in wigs (I have to say that I have absolutely nothing against it, I’m just not attracted to them hehe).

I could travel to Quebec or Montréal, but again, most seem to be in it for the money so…. But when I found out about you, I knew that i had to go to “The Big ‘Ronto” and meet YOU. You look extremely hot and gorgeous and sexy etc.. you are intelligent, you say yourself that your main goal here is not money. You seem very kind and affectionate and caring for your partners needs. You are very experienced, and that is one of the best quality, I also like very much that you are so experienced in role-playing, i never had the chance to roleplay but I’m very interested in the subject, the nurse/patient fantasy, student hot for teacher, the boss letting the worker keep his job if he.. 😉 but now that i have read your posts, the Auntie Dee scenario is sooo hot, i mean its always, somehow, lurking in the back of my head hehe.

Also i have always had a thing for women older than me, yeah sure women in there 20’s look good, but there is just something about a woman being old enough to be my mother, that lights up a flame deep in me, and believe you are like gasoline to that flame hehe. Anyway, sorry for the long message, I’m sure you get messages like this one very often, but I really felt that I had to tell you how much good you can do without even ever speaking or seeing someone. You have given me a goal to work towards, and that goal is to meet you sometime this winter, but first I’ll have to meet you in the digital world, either through ChatCam or Skype or PhoneSex, we will talk soon 😉  Anyway, I hope i didn’t get you bored with my long letter of appreciation to you

🙂 Looking forward to finally meet you soon,

You are beautiful 🙂

D*** 🙂