Role Play: Maid Service

Role Play: Maid Service Maid IMG 0085

Maid Service

As he drove home from work exhausted after a long week he found himself looking forward to the weekend. His life was away for the 3 days and he was looking forward to the quiet time at home. He also was relieved that the new maid Dee was off for the weekend as well. She had been hired by his wife and had been helping with meals, work around the house, bills and accounting and by all evidence was doing a great job. Too bad his wife had chosen here uniform… plain black work pants, white blouse and black vest and flats… hair back in a bun and here ‘librarian’ glasses although it seemed to him that the pants were a little tighter than they needed to be and she always seemed to find an excuse to bend over something in front of him when the wife was not around.

He had checked out her ass several times and thought maybe she had noticed him a few times… probably not… he was sure that just yesterday the plain white blouse had one button more than usual open and, as she brought him his triple scotch she leaned over just enough to show an incredible set of breasts almost, but not quite hidden from sight… mmmmm he found himself thinking and laughed at his innocent fantasy…..He entered the suite and breathed a sigh of relaxation …’honey I’m home’ he called jokingly… to his surprise he heard a quick answer from the kitchen… ‘welcome home Mr. F..’ I will bring your scotch right into the study, make yourself comfortable’… well, so much for privacy he thought.

He sat in his favorite chair and kicked off his shoes heard a ‘clip clop’ sound from the kitchen and bar area…. unsure of what it was he closed his eyes for a second and the sound approach the study…. ‘here you go sir’ said a voice like Dee’s but an octave lower than usual… he opened his eyes and she was standing in front of him… the severe daily outfit was gone instead she wore the classic French maids outfit… heels up to the sky… silk fashion hose with billowing impossibly short skirt and a top cut down to her waist.

The glasses were gone, the hair was fucking big, lips makeup and nails all done to perfection and a large pair of triple scotches on a silver tray… ‘Holy shit!’… he muttered before he could stop himself… she laughed a confident laugh and clip clopped across the hardwood with the drinks. ….’cheers…. boss… she said handing him the scotch… as she leaned over this time there was nothing left to the imagination… her breasts were extraordinary, swayed forward unhindered behind the flimsy black thin top and his eyes bored into them… without though he took the drink and downed it…only barely noticing the slightly acidic bite to it.

She smiled again, a bit predatory now he thought and handed him the second one.  ‘Drink this’ she said forcefully.. he looked at her for a second and did what he was told not realizing that at that second the roles were reversed and Dee was now in charge…. he drained it in one draught and felt the warmth down to his toes… she took the glass from him and said ‘time for a refill, boss’ she turned to walk out and her skirt only half covered the most perfect ass he had ever seen… wickedly, she dropped a napkin and slowly bent over to pick it up…. his dick jumped in his pants at the perfection of the ass with silk covering only the legs… he began to feel dizzy with her sexual appeal, the booze and something else that had the room spinning and his dick hard as a rock… she strutted out on the stilettos with a confident smirk at him over her shoulder.

He stood and tried to clear his mind but could not get the image of her breasts, ass, legs, lips, hair, feet, scent and body out of his mind…. she walked back in with two more triples… the blouse was now unbuttoned and only a halter bra holding them up pertly was visible… she stalked him like a panther, climbing onto his lap and said ‘open your mouth john, I will feed you the scotch now’ he tried to argue but she grinded her ass into his rock hard dick and pushed her breasts into his face…. ‘take your medicine she said and laughed as she told him the drinks were laced with Viagra… he felt it coursing through him and her breast and ass overwhelmed him he opened wide and she poured both down his throat then kissed him deeply slowly wetly he was beaten and he knew it … his hands went to her ass and grabbed it… then he licked and sucked on her breasts deeply as she crooned ‘yes baby boy… let mommy take care of you’.no more worries for you this week’…. he melted and she pressed her breast into his face, cutting off his airflow, her hands behind his head pulling him in tighter… gaining more and more control.

‘Now she said, get naked for me little boy’ and get on your knees in front of mommy’…. he did, staggering with the booze and pills, hornier than he had ever been. he kneeled before her and she turned an lifted the skirt exposing the perfect ass ‘now serve mommy’ she said… he pressed his face into her ass… licking and sucking as she spread her cheeks wide. Pushing him back till his head leaned on the chair she sat on his face ass cutting off all air and she held his hands helpless as his tongue probed deeper and deeper the taste and sexuality of it almost overwhelming him she moaned and groaned and suffocated him for two minutes before allowing him to breath. he gasped almost passed out and asked for more… ‘more? she said… I have one more thing to show you Johnny, mommy has a surprise for her little boy’ she turned and lifted the front of her skirt, exposing a perfect, long and erect cock.

He gasped again as it was in his face… ‘suck that for mommy little boy’ she said and he slowly opened his mouth… she roughly pushed his back against the wall and rammed her cock into his mouth… over and over, deeper and deeper, his head banging against the wall, he moaned in ecstasy as her heel jammed onto his dick and balls… punishing him in his pleasure…she pulled his belt off the chair and wrapped it around his neck, jerking it tight… ‘now baby fist fuck yourself while I face fuck you…. do it for mommy’ she took him to the edge 3 times telling him… ‘you can’t breathe till you cum, and you can’t cum till I let you’…

He nodded in complete satisfaction as he had surrendered to her. …. she was in charge and he knew it he would give her everything… cards, pins, insurance and cash… just to let him serve his mommy…. as he neared passing out she eased up on face fucking long enough to let him release… the biggest and most satisfying climax he ever experienced… he relaxed and did not notice her not releasing the belt, it grew tighter….’shh little boy…mommy wants you to sleep… just for a minute….shhhh close your eyes…don’t resist..’ he started to slip away and didn’t see the cruel smile on her face… shhhh baby boy sleep for mommy… sleep forever Johnny…. shhhhh’ the world centered into a dot of light with only her face and voice holding him to it….’sleep forever now’ she said and he did.


Role Play: Secretary Miss Dee

Role Play: Secretary Miss Dee

Secretary Miss Dee


Well, my boss Mr JP insists that I wear my stripped grey and black pencil skit with my full fashion nylons and my well worn black pumps accented by a crisp open white blouse daily as part of my “uniform”.  I know it makes his cock hard!

I have a masters in business admin but he does not use me for that!  I was told when he hired me that I was to loose my boy friend and I would be paid handsomely… I did of course… loose the bf for the excitement I get in being “owned”.

So he comes into my office frequently with countless lame excuses ogling and staring at my 48” bust or 38L cup jugs.  They are 1500 cc’s each!  If he is not staring at “them” he is focused on my long sexy leggy usually dangling and bouncing one of my pumps.

He took some pic of me in my “uniform” the other day so I have posted them as he wanted every man on the internet to be looking at me…the property HE OWNS!

The pics have been posted for a few days and I am getting secretary requests all over the globe.  He likes it when his secretary is being used to tease men all over the planet!

So yesterday he asks me to comes into his office.  I sat across from him teasing him with my dangling shoe exposing my warm moist very sexy foot and bouncing my dangling leather pump.  That exposes the reinforced toe, sole, heel and back seams of my nylons.  He is in a trance…

He asks me to put my long sexy full fashion nylons up on my desk with my shoes on.  I lean back in his chair and do so. He comes over and slides his fingers down my nylons legs… I lean back and close my eyes.  He reaches into the arch of my foot, pulls my shoe off and takes a huge long sniff of my warm moist leather shoe muzzling it over his nose and mouth.

I could see his cock getting hard inside his panty as he then begins to kiss, sniff, lick and fondle my cock like foot, flexing down into a point or up into an erect foot cock!

Then he slowly reaches up my skit without asking and of course without resistance to my garter belt and unclips one of my nylons.  Slowing pulling it down he turns it into a striptease.  The nylon glides off. 

At this point since he was busy I start doing my duty to release the huge pressured bulge in his pants.  He is always commando so “it/he” quick came to full attention in my face.

Mr JP then took my moist nylon and slid it over his perfect cock.  Just the perfect size and gurth for my pussy/cunt.  It fits perfectly there don’t you know… 

As his raging member finds the end of the foot of my well worn, stinky nylons it dresses my favorite cock perfectly with the head in the reinforce toe, the shaft having a black strip down it and his balls cupped perfectly in the dark Cuban heel.  I fucking looooove that!!!!!!

So I tell him I neeeeed to suck his cock in my stinky well worn nylons now dressing his perfect raging.  With my head now leaning back, he begins to start fuck my pussy mouth.  That is what my pussy mouth is for!

At this point his start exposing me and undressing me to take the body he owns… My job is to keep sucking on his stinky nylon covered cock….

RolePlay: Super Hero

RolePlay: Super Hero

Glamazon Gladiator RCP 0762

Glamazon D

I wonder, would you be open to my particular fetish? Since a very early age I have been very turned on by the thought of women warriors fighting each other, as in ancient times with amazon tribes in brutal battle against each other or willing girl gladiators fighting each other to the finish in the Roman arenas. More recently I have realized the combatants can include T-girls and the occasional male as well. It is, of course, all pure fantasy, but the fantasy is admittedly very brutal, bloody and violent. The most important thing for me is to talk about the fantasy and that the partner be interested, even enthusiastic, and willing to talk about it back and forth.
I was wondering, if you are willing, if we could do a FantasyCam, ChatCam, FaceTime or Skype session (say 30min) to talk about the fantasy – and I have some sunshine girl pictures I can bring up on our screens and you can talk with me about death fights between them – or between you and them (we’ll assume they are 6ft plus!) 

Thanks JS

Role Play: French Maid Cross Dressing Husband

Role Play: French Maid Cross Dressing Husband Maid IMG 0047

My French Maid Cross Dressing Husband


My hubby writes…. “My fantasy would start as I am greeted by you at the door wearing a sexy silky robe and your breasts are just showing. As you lead me in you tell me how you want your nympho crossdressing husband to be your slutty French maid today and do as you wish. We get comfortable and start off chatting then you say its time to get my in my outfit, you get some sexy black nylons and a garter belt and some silk panties then you fit me with a nice set of full figured breasts and finally the sexiest French maid outfit and a nice blonde wig . As I look at myself in the mirror I’m so excited and horny I feel my cock getting hard. You then tell me its time to do my job and you have me.
“Then its time for me to start doing my chores and you watch me cleaning as you are sitting there stroking your cock getting it hard you tell me that now its time to service your needs and start sucking your cock as a good maid should. As you get harder and tell me that you want me to take it all. I am teasing your cock with my tongue and lightly teasing your beautiful ass . We then lie down as you then tell me you want to suck my cock as well and we are both sucking each other you bring me close to cumming and say it’s not time yet as you want me to fuck your beautiful ass pussy first and stroke your cock.
You are moaning for more and I slide in deeper feeling you squeeze me tightly and you say that its time for you to tease me now so I lay back and you straddle me and rub our beautiful hard cocks together as I’m teasing your nipples. You then say as your slutty maid you want to slide your cock into me and its driving me crazy. You tell me how I’m the best maid you’ve had and would have me again. You then tell me you are ready for me to cum and want to suck my dick and I am more than willing at this point and ask if I can suck your dick so that I can cum with you and taste your sweet juices. We finally cum together and collapse exhausted. We just lay there lightly caressing each other until we have the energy to start again as you tell me you have something in mind that you want to do with me.
“So I’m sitting around here bored out of my mind and horny. I was just thinking about more fantasies to add . You tell me that after you have me all dressed up in the sexy maid outfit and makeup that its time for me to learn how to be a sexy crossdressing maid because you have people interested in getting together with us . You show me what you want me to do during our sessions and what to expect from your friends that you have in mind for me to meet. As expected this gets me even more excited and horny as I want to please you very much.
“Hopefully I’m not going too far with all of this its just my horny mind working while I’m sitting here bored.” 🤪😉

RolePlay: I Can Make Fantasies Real

RolePlay: I Can Make Fantasies Real

Elviras Sister W IMG 2776

Sexual role-play is all about being someone else.  A chance to take a dirty fantasy and make it real, with the help of a passionate partner (or several).

Do you dream of being the stern boss punishing your sexy secretary?  Perhaps you want a wicked teacher who’ll correct your bad behavior?  A knight rescuing a princess, or an innocent virgin seduced by a dark temptress?

A conversation today reminded me of the power of role-play to help us think outside the box, and live out our dirtiest thoughts.  You’d never demand sexual favors from your coworkers or hit on your teachers in real life, but in the privacy of my boudoir you can.  I love being able to give that freedom to people; to create an experience that not only leaves them sexually satisfied, but stimulates their imagination as well.

Tell me your dirtiest wishes, and let me bring them to life!

RolePlay Submission: Serious Submission

RolePlay Submission: Serious Submission Full Body Straight Jacket IMG 1806

Serious Submission 

We’ve talked before about bottoming and why I love bending over, but serious submission is something else entirely. Beyond just receiving penetration, it’s a much deeper surrender of control.
To me, it also means something different from pure S&M. Allowing another person to cause you pain is absolutely a deep act of trust, don’t get me wrong, and can be a beautiful show of submission. But it’s not my thing. I’m just not much of a pain slut. My form of submission is a little different.


Something I do love is bondage. The surrender of control as ropes bind me tighter and tighter. The feeling of utter helplessness as I struggle futility against a straight jacket. Jerking and tugging against a pair of leather cuffs as someone plays with me. Being bound isn’t just physical, it’s a connection- it is me surrendering myself to my partner and trusting that they will use me properly, and not abuse me. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable to someone is a profound thing

Service and Submission

Service goes beyond letting someone tie you up. When I truly submit to someone I want to please them in every way possible. I want to be made to obey. I enjoy pleasing them sexually, of course! I want them to take charge. It can be anything from serving them tea and giving them foot-rubs, to bending over for erotic fun, but the key is that it is I know i’ve satisfied my dominant partner. Communication is important to me in this
I see the same thing all the time when men submit to me – the need to give themselves to someone, completely. As a switch, I know that same feeling myself. To let them dictate what i do and when I do it- to control me completely, even if only for a short time. Like many of my clients my life is stressful and it’s wonderful to be able to surrender and let someone else make the decisions in an intimate encounter.

Role Play: French Maid Position Available

Role Play: French Maid Position Available Maid IMG 0058Edited
Session Inquiry

Hi Dee



I have a fantasy I hope you could help with. I’m coming to see you for an interview for an accountant job at your maid service company. When I arrive, I’m greeted by a large breasted TS French maid employed by you. I let her know I’m here for an interview and she leads me to you. As she leaves, I’m staring at her ass. You get my attention and ask if I like what I see. I reply that I do and you lead me to a room and ask me to wait while you go get a few things. In the room, I notice a slutty French maid outfit hanging up and a pair of black 6″ platform heels.


As I’m inspecting these items, you come in the room. You notice me, but don’t address my interest in the clothing. You ask me to have a seat at the desk and we begin the interview. You first ask casually what position I’m here for. When I say the accountant role, you tell me that position has been filled. You recognize I made all the effort to come in for this, so you say you’ll see what you can do to find a position for me.


As you look through your computer, you pause for a moment, look at me, then the maid outfit, back at me and let me know there is one position that’s open and pays triple what the accountant job was, but you’re not sure I’d want it. Ecstatically, I reply I’d gladly accept this role for that kind of money. You devilishly say that you thought I’d agree to that, so you get up and bring me over to the maid outfit and let me know that I’m going to be your newest maid. Shocked, I try to back out, but you remind me of the money.


I succumb and accept the offer not really knowing what the full extent of the uniform would be. You tell me that your clients expect the best looking gurls and that my male body just won’t do. You go and retrieve the full torso breast forms in the largest cup size available (I’m hoping for F or G at a minimum), hip pads and a waist clincher. After getting me into them, you need to apply makeup. It will be heavy, but seductive in nature with long false lashes. When thinking of what wig to get me, you say that there are no blondes on your team and they are often requested, so you apply a long platinum blonde wig. A perfect manicure is necessary, so you apply long false nails. I get into the uniform and roll up a pair of thigh high fishnet stockings.


Finally, I step into the incredibly high set of heels. Once dressed, you need to make sure I’m trained for everything as calls have already been coming in for the new blonde maid that you “somehow” had already been advertising. This is when you let me know that the maid uniform is simply just a fetish and no cleaning is necessary, only to pleasure the client.


This is when you ask the maid who let me in to join us (if more TS are available, I’m happy to entertain a group). You let me know that she was once like me too, but after earning all the money, went out and bought a real pair of tits and has completely moved on from her previous life as a boy. You let me know that in no time I’ll be doing the same thing.


But first things first. I need to learn to pleasure the clients, so you call the girl(s) over and instruct me to kiss her. We DFK and it gets me aroused. Noticing this, you tell me that I can’t get aroused making out with the clients so now I have to drop to my knees. You tell me to look under her uniform and to pull out her cock. I do and stare at it. You tell me to kiss it, I do. You tell me to hold it and I do. Next, you tell me to open my mouth, stick the cock in and begin sucking. I start doing this and stroking at the same time.


Getting aroused yourself, you approach me and lift your skirt letting your cock out to slap me on my face. I grab it and take it in my mouth. Once both (or all) of you are ready to cum, you stop and let me know there is one more thing. Your clients expect your gurls to take large loads on their faces, so then you both (all) unload and cover my face.


After seeing me, you let me know I’m ready and my first client is on his way to pick me up…



RolePlay: Moms Friend Seduces Son

RolePlay: Moms Friend Seduces Son Pink/Salmon Baby Doll Nighty IMG 1230 Edited

A customer emails….

“Hi Miss Dee

I’m looking for someone to fulfill a long-held fantasy of mine: a roleplay scenario between a young man and his next door MILF neighbor. I think you would be perfect for the part.

Here’s the scenario: I’m an young, sexually inexperienced college student that has terrible luck with women. You’re my gorgeous, mature next door neighbor who happens to be friends with my mom. You hear from her about my women problems, and decide to invite me over to talk and give some advice.

Our encounter slowly heats up, and things become more intimate. Out of concern, sympathy, and lust, you decide to teach me how to please a woman. I obviously eagerly agree and submit myself as your student. One by one, you tell me how to kiss your lips, neck, and every other part of your body exactly how you like it. You are kind and motherly, yet stern and dominant. I want to nuzzle your breasts like a child, and later worship your cock like a slave.

When you’re on top of me, teaching me how to eat out your asshole, I want you to tell me how much of a good boy I am. I think you get the idea 😉 I could send you more details over email, if you like. Although I’d like to finish with fucking you! I will enjoy it even if it doesn’t happen.

Other turn-ons: cum, oral, dirty talk, kissing, using my tongue
Turn offs: spitting, dirty feet or other parts, urine, pain

Will G
Please let me know if you’re interested. I think 40 minutes should be enough time, but I could go up to an hour if you prefer. I’d like to hear your thoughts.”