VIP Escort: I Love What I Do!

by | Oct 22, 2020 | Companion, Escort


Escort VIP: I Love What I Do!  

Recently I’ve begun promoting my services more aggressively on my site.  Since I did, I’ve gotten messages from a number of guys who were surprised to see my ad again, because they thought I had retired… Really?  A Google search for “TSDee” or “Shemale Escort Toronto” or 416 SHE MALE same as 416 743 6253 should get you to me. 
I love what I do here. I love my clients. And I’m not going anywhere anytime soon! But I did slow down for a little bit, and there’s a simple reason for that: this job can be stressful!

A Day in the Life
I get up every morning at 7am and my day starts with reviewing the texts, emails, and voice messages left for me over night while I slept. In total I answer over 300 individual texts and other messages throughout the course of an average day when I am advertising heavily. Many of those messages will be from people who are either complete time wasters, or are offering so little money its insulting, but the only way to know that is to interact with them since many of them only introduce themselves with one quick “hi” and no further information, sot hat takes time.
I start appointments at 9, though on most days my first client is more like 11. I am seeing clients on and off all the way into the evening on most days, and in between getting ready for, and recovering after each one, I need to find time to check my phone and respond to the furhter calls and messages that are coming in.
This is something many don’t understand about sexwork. The actual sex is a maybe 20 percent of an escort’s time. There’s another 10-30 percent taken up by preparing for meeting clients, making sure the space is ready, and so on. The rest is all marketing and talking to people.
In between there I try to find time to eat a healthy meal or two do some yoga, jogging, or other exercise, and generally attend to my health (it’s important to me to take care of myself both for the sake of my appearance, and for my health). I also have to find time to keep up with matters from my private life, whether that’s scheduling appointments, talking to family, or just buying groceries.
And unlike most jobs there are no weekends in this one. I can post a schedule that says “off on Sunday” but i guarantee that won’t stop some clients from writing to ask about it anyway.