Escort: What To Expect As A New Customer

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What to Expect as a New Client  

I dish a lot of dirt at bad clients. But even very good ones are often nervous their first time. This post goes out to all the guys staring at their phones, horny, but afraid to pull the trigger on fulfilling their deepest erotic fantasies. What it’s like to have your first session with me!

The Neighborhood

I receive my customers in my home, an upscale but comfortable apartment located in Toronto’s west end, near Islington and the Kingsway. It’s a safe, and well maintained building in an established suburban neighborhood (believe it or not, my landlords love me!). I find it’s nice being a little ways out from the bustle of downtown. I want my clients to feel comfortable, after all.
It’s also discreet. No concierge to get past, or groups of teenagers loitering on the steps.

The Space

I receive clients in my own home. It’s for that reason that I am picky in my screening – both for my safety and that of all my existing customers. Its a bright, clean studio, with place not just for play, but to sit and talk as well. It’s important to me that you feel comfortable, and I’ve designed my space to make sure of that. Everything we need is on hand, of course, and we can get down to business just as soon as you decide you want to.


I am a professional escort, and have been doing this for twenty years. I pride myself on making my clients feel comfortable. A genuine connection allows for much better, more emotionally and erotically charged sessions. Anything you tell me, I keep in confidence. Anything you’re looking for, you can feel comfortable telling me. If something is outside my limits, I’ll say so, but I’ll never shame you for that. I do what I do because I love giving my clients a personalized experience in a safe, comfortable way.

Our Session

So what is a session like? Well, when you get in the door, I’ll great, and we can talk if you need. Some providers insist on getting down to business right away as if they want to end the session as quick as possible. I expect you to respect my time, but I will never rush you. As a new client especially, I know you might have questions, or want to get to know me, and I want that too.
Once we’ve talked, and I’ve answered any question you may have, I’ll ask about your desires. Anything you want, or don’t want, I encourage you to tell me. Only when you’re comfortable will we move to the erotic part of our session.
Afterwards, there’ll be time to talk and reflect, as well. No one wants to be shoved right out the door immediately. Relax, and maybe even let me know if you have any ideas for next time!

Long Distance Lover? Live WebCam ChatCam & Dee’sLiveViewer

Long Distance Lover? Live WebCam ChatCam & Dee’sLiveViewer

Long Distance Lover:  Live, Livestreaming,  WebCam SexCam, FootCam, PhoneSex;  if you can’t be with me in person, enjoy the next best thing!

You can use ChatCam, FaceTime, Skype, WhatsApp or my “Dee’s Live Viewer”, Livestreaming, Zoom.

Ahh, the wonders of the internet. You don’t even need to be in the same room to play with someone anymore. Lately I’ve been seeing more and more clients long distance. For those who live far from Toronto it can be a way to connect with me even though they can’t be here.

Let me talk dirty to you. Make me pose and play with myself. Tell me how to dress and what to do. Listen to me moan as we jerk off together, l or cry out as I fuck myself with toys. Anything you can imagine.

It’s convenient, too! Who doesn’t want to fool around with a sexy t-girl without ever leaving the comfort of their own bedroom? No need to worry about how to get across downtown in busy week-day traffic just pick up your phone and enjoy a VIP erotic experience anytime, anywhere.

My rates for long distance are cheaper, too – typically between $60 and $100 for phone sex or webcam services, perfect for a sexy quickie that won’t break the bank!

I am available anytime nine to nine, just like in-person appointments, and just like with regular appointments, it pays to book advance to be sure of getting the slot you want!

Have a look on the “LIVE” tab for complete details…

Escort: Why see a trans escort?

Escort: Why see a trans escort?

Followup – Why Do You Want to See an Escort?

A couple of weeks ago, I published an blog post encouraging you, my amazing customers, to reflect on what really motivates you to see an escort. And boy did you!
What interested me was how many people started the conversation with “I don’t know.” It was clear they’d never thought about it before but now that I was pushing them to, they were intrigued.
We talked, and I would make suggestions, and sometimes they would nod and say ‘yeah, maybe’.
Some just liked that I was uninhibited of course, and felt like being with a trans woman was a walk on the wild side. Some of them liked the idea of being used since they themselves had trouble performing for a woman; at least with me they can still have a good time. A lot of them were missing something in their existing relationships.
The things that held them back were similar. Some were nervous that being with me might show them what they were missing out on. Some agreed with my idea in that post that they might be hesitating out of fear of labels.  Others weren’t so sure. For some they felt like being with an escort they might be judged or it might prove the inadequacies that until then were only fears.
Amusingly, when I play with couples the female almost always enjoys seeing their male partner suck my cock, yet the men are always nervous about what she’ll think of them.
All in all it was an educational experience. I am really grateful to all of you who responded.
All I can say in conclusion is reiterate my point at the time: don’t let judgements, taboos or labels keep you from having an awesome experience. Life is too short to be held back by our fears & insecurities!

VIP Escort: I Love What I Do!

VIP Escort: I Love What I Do!


Escort VIP: I Love What I Do!  

Recently I’ve begun promoting my services more aggressively on my site.  Since I did, I’ve gotten messages from a number of guys who were surprised to see my ad again, because they thought I had retired… Really?  A Google search for “TSDee” or “Shemale Escort Toronto” or 416 SHE MALE same as 416 743 6253 should get you to me. 
I love what I do here. I love my clients. And I’m not going anywhere anytime soon! But I did slow down for a little bit, and there’s a simple reason for that: this job can be stressful!

A Day in the Life
I get up every morning at 7am and my day starts with reviewing the texts, emails, and voice messages left for me over night while I slept. In total I answer over 300 individual texts and other messages throughout the course of an average day when I am advertising heavily. Many of those messages will be from people who are either complete time wasters, or are offering so little money its insulting, but the only way to know that is to interact with them since many of them only introduce themselves with one quick “hi” and no further information, sot hat takes time.
I start appointments at 9, though on most days my first client is more like 11. I am seeing clients on and off all the way into the evening on most days, and in between getting ready for, and recovering after each one, I need to find time to check my phone and respond to the furhter calls and messages that are coming in.
This is something many don’t understand about sexwork. The actual sex is a maybe 20 percent of an escort’s time. There’s another 10-30 percent taken up by preparing for meeting clients, making sure the space is ready, and so on. The rest is all marketing and talking to people.
In between there I try to find time to eat a healthy meal or two do some yoga, jogging, or other exercise, and generally attend to my health (it’s important to me to take care of myself both for the sake of my appearance, and for my health). I also have to find time to keep up with matters from my private life, whether that’s scheduling appointments, talking to family, or just buying groceries.
And unlike most jobs there are no weekends in this one. I can post a schedule that says “off on Sunday” but i guarantee that won’t stop some clients from writing to ask about it anyway.