RolePlay Submission: TSDee A Professional Switch

by | Oct 23, 2020 | Fantasy, Fetish, Roleplay Dungeon Play Full Width IMG 1690

Submission to a True Domina  

I recently had a contact online, with a Domina from Chicago, that got my dirty mind busy imagining a life of true submission. I have always had a submissive side, and I especially love submitting to dominant women; pleasing them, serving them, and worshiping their bodies.
But what would a real Total Power Exchange (TPE) relationship be like? How would it be like to truly give myself to a domina as her slave?

Earning My Place
One doesn’t just walk up and immediately start such a serious, submissive relationship of course. The honor of serving at the feet of one’s Mistress must be earned, over time, and multiple sessions – and appropriate tribute (of course). I fantasize about her putting me through my places as I serve in every kind of little way. Serving well would be rewarded, but failure punished, as she teaches me to serve the way she likes. I think how honored I’d feel when she finally allowed me to touch her perfect feet and legs and worship her body. Foot fetish as most of you know, and I adore body worship in general are more than a kink for me – they’re a lifestyle I long to share with a dominant woman.
As I learn to please her, I hope she would honor me with her praise and her arms around me. I like tenderness, even when I submit, but I also want very much to be made to prove my worthiness to a superior female.

A Lover and a Servant
Once she accepts me as her property, what would it be like to answer to her day to day? She might tell how to dress to please her, or how to schedule my time around her. She might change my diet or my lifestyle. I would obey, of course, eagerly as I know Mistress wants what’s best for me. Always, I would be at her disposal. Kinky fantasies are a favorite of mine, and I imagine helping her live out some of hers – whatever scenarios her wicked mind devises for me.
A true relationship is not built only on kinky fun, and sex ; nor even simply service, though. My ideal Mistress would be someone I could get to know and spend time with. We would be friends and lovers as well – someone I can talk to, long distance or in person.

Doing Business Together
Though BDSM is not my forte I have been in the kink community for over twenty years and an escort for the same amount of time. I would love to have a dominant lover I could work with on occasion as well, when a client called for both our skills.
The woman who inspired this little fantasy life doesn’t live here in Toronto, of course, but I do sometimes think of touring more often, and there’s something to be said for a relationship with a fellow pro – domme or escort – to share in-call spaces with when in town.