RolePlay: Assertive Controlling TransWoman TSDee

by | Oct 26, 2020 | Fantasy, Fetish, Roleplay

The Assertive Controlling TransWoman TSDee – Where Dominance Meets Intense Sexuality

“I want you to dominate me,” says the client.
“So you want me to tie you up?” I respond.
“Oh, no, i’m too nervous about bondage.”
“Perhaps pain is more your thing then?”
“Oh no, definitely not pain!”
“Fetish clothing perhaps – you want to be my little sissy, or wrapped in latex?”
“I think that’s too extreme for me.”
“Perhaps you’re more service oriented? Instead of all the trappings you just want to kneels at my feet and worship me?”
“Well maybe a little but eventually I was hoping you’d use me for your pleasure?”
“So you want sex?”
“So you’re not really looking for BDSM – you want sex, but just with a more assertive, dominant woman?”
“Yes exactly”

The Assertive, Controlling Woman

This conversation has played out, for me, more often than I can begin to recount. Men think they want domination, but really they just want me to be in control. Which is fine!
To be honest, I’m more of a sensual woman, than I am into hardcore BDSM or pain. I call this persona The Assertive, Controlling Woman.

So what is she like?

She’s sensual, and sexual. Unlike some Pro Dommes, she’s not afraid to have sex with her clients. Rather than be a distant ice queen, she uses her sexuality to tease, torment, and reinforce her dominance.
She wants her partner to focus on pleasing her, of course, but she doesn’t necessarily need a lot of trappings. She wants you on your knees not just to look at but so she can put that mouth to good use.
The assertive, controlling woman knows what she likes in bed, and she’s not afraid to tell you what to do. And of course, she is always in control even from the bottom.¬† Yes a true switch!

She cares for her lovers, though, like any good dominant should, and she always makes sure you leave satisfied – after you please her first.
In short, she is the perfect partner for someone looking to take the stress out of their meeting and let the woman do the work for a change. Someone who wants to please, and be pleased by a partner who knows what they want.

Does this sound like an experience you’d enjoy? Then give me a call! Experience her for yourself today.