Foot Fetish: Nephew handcuffs Auntie Dee & sniffs her feet

by | Nov 1, 2020 | Fantasy, Feet, Fetish Sunshine Seduces IMG 3954

Nephew handcuffs me then sniffs & my feet for hours!!!

That would be so fucking hot – hard not to cum early lol cool to put on your nylons and shoes and masturbate to your feet- just smell and jerk off

Dee so luv to just smell your feet. Suck your toes wear my aunt’s nylons and jerk off

Luv to lite a cigar and drink a rum and coke and smell your feet

Plug in my ass and sucking your feet

Gotta swallow my step sister cum though

Wearing her nylons

Hours of sex – feet cum

Making erotic sex with my aunt Dee enjoying all of her body – mm tummy

Gotta masturbate while smelling your armpits

Mm yes

Ok very horny and masturbating now to your vids

Like to swallow your cum

Hey Dee I know it’s not fair to text u stuff cause I know it doesn’t help u $ wise – and u r always very generous to respond- so thank u- it is very hard now to sneak away and see u- to be honest I masturbate to ur pics pretty much daily- with very intense fantasies- so I apologize for not seeing u in person these last few months- that said I’m going upstairs and going to get naked and pretend I’m laying on the floor with ur naked feet on my face – cool crinkly soles smelly feet and just jerk off while listening to your voice from your u tube vids- when we do meet again in person it will be so fucking intense I just want to enjoy all of your incredibly sexy 🤩 hot body- most of all to taste and smell ur very beautiful feet

New fetish lol I masturbate a lot fantasizing u pissing on me then cumming in my mouth while I wear ur nylons and shoes

Swallowing ur pee and cum aunt dee

I have dressed up in nylons and jerked off with a dildo in my ass looking at your feet pics and cock pics

Actually like the anal beads

Happy Birthday Aunt Dee – I’d soooo love to play with your birthday feet smell them – get naked and masturbate smelling your nylons and feet and shoes – sucking on your very hard cock and licking your ass – then smell and lick and suck on your feet maybe play with some toys – lick and kiss your tummy – smell your whole body and masturbate to it – you make me do whatever you want cause I’m your foot slut- and I love my Aunt Dee I trust her

Masturbating to ur pics now aunt dee so fucking horny to smell your feet and masturbate I luv your scent mmmmmmmmm yes I’m gonna lay here naked and masturbate thinking of you and having intense sex with you

Mee too Dee I luv your feet they fucking make me horny

MMM nice feet luv to lick off the icing

Yes I’d so love to just smell my Aunt D’s feet for hours and whack off – smelling your shoes and nylons- have a few drinks and have intense erotic sex – taste your cum – suck on your bare feet while my cock is inside u

Wish I was laying naked under your feet just breathing in their scent – masturbating for hours – fucking your bare feet –

I must confess Aunt Dee that I have a very strong foot fetish and I am really turned on by your feet – I know it’s kinda taboo but I masturbate a lot thinking of playing with your pretty feet

When ur out I cum over and get naked playing with myself and sniffing your smelly nylons and shoes and wishing I was smelling and playing with your body

I love to just smell and smell and smell your feet

Have a cigar and some drinks- smell and lick ur body smell your ass kiss ur tummy- I like wearing your shoes and masturbating 🤪

I fantasize fucking u while smelling and sucking your feet and toes

I also fantasize u fucking me with your huge purple cock fuck its sooo big but feels so fucking good

I masturbate hoping u catch me and u make me do things so u won’t tell anyone

I prob masturbate to ur pics 4-5 notes a waeek for years fuck I have cummed on u thousands of times – fuck I luv ur feet Aunt Dee

Hope to see u soon and play 🤩

I’m going upstairs now and going to masturbate to your gallery pics of in yellow top short black skirt black nylons and mules – just jerking and pretending I’m smelling your feet through your nylons fuck I’m sooo fucking horny

Sorry – got a little carried away – Austin Powers reference ” It got weird didn’t it”

Nice then you can shoot your cum load right in my mouth then I can cum all over your feet then do it all again mmmmmm

Hmm yes – this covid thing isn’t helping – I’d put on your smelly nylons and jerk off into your shoes and on your feet – suck and smell them

Sound s Hott – I miss the incredibly intense sex

Fuck I am fucking horny and wanna fuck my aunt dee

Your Favorite Nephew