Role Play: Secretary Miss Dee

Role Play: Secretary Miss Dee

Secretary Miss Dee


Well, my boss Mr JP insists that I wear my stripped grey and black pencil skit with my full fashion nylons and my well worn black pumps accented by a crisp open white blouse daily as part of my “uniform”.  I know it makes his cock hard!

I have a masters in business admin but he does not use me for that!  I was told when he hired me that I was to loose my boy friend and I would be paid handsomely… I did of course… loose the bf for the excitement I get in being “owned”.

So he comes into my office frequently with countless lame excuses ogling and staring at my 48” bust or 38L cup jugs.  They are 1500 cc’s each!  If he is not staring at “them” he is focused on my long sexy leggy usually dangling and bouncing one of my pumps.

He took some pic of me in my “uniform” the other day so I have posted them as he wanted every man on the internet to be looking at me…the property HE OWNS!

The pics have been posted for a few days and I am getting secretary requests all over the globe.  He likes it when his secretary is being used to tease men all over the planet!

So yesterday he asks me to comes into his office.  I sat across from him teasing him with my dangling shoe exposing my warm moist very sexy foot and bouncing my dangling leather pump.  That exposes the reinforced toe, sole, heel and back seams of my nylons.  He is in a trance…

He asks me to put my long sexy full fashion nylons up on my desk with my shoes on.  I lean back in his chair and do so. He comes over and slides his fingers down my nylons legs… I lean back and close my eyes.  He reaches into the arch of my foot, pulls my shoe off and takes a huge long sniff of my warm moist leather shoe muzzling it over his nose and mouth.

I could see his cock getting hard inside his panty as he then begins to kiss, sniff, lick and fondle my cock like foot, flexing down into a point or up into an erect foot cock!

Then he slowly reaches up my skit without asking and of course without resistance to my garter belt and unclips one of my nylons.  Slowing pulling it down he turns it into a striptease.  The nylon glides off. 

At this point since he was busy I start doing my duty to release the huge pressured bulge in his pants.  He is always commando so “it/he” quick came to full attention in my face.

Mr JP then took my moist nylon and slid it over his perfect cock.  Just the perfect size and gurth for my pussy/cunt.  It fits perfectly there don’t you know… 

As his raging member finds the end of the foot of my well worn, stinky nylons it dresses my favorite cock perfectly with the head in the reinforce toe, the shaft having a black strip down it and his balls cupped perfectly in the dark Cuban heel.  I fucking looooove that!!!!!!

So I tell him I neeeeed to suck his cock in my stinky well worn nylons now dressing his perfect raging.  With my head now leaning back, he begins to start fuck my pussy mouth.  That is what my pussy mouth is for!

At this point his start exposing me and undressing me to take the body he owns… My job is to keep sucking on his stinky nylon covered cock….

Fetish PantyHose: PantyHose Pervert Makes Dee Tea!

Fetish PantyHose: PantyHose Pervert Makes Dee Tea!

Paige 254

Pantyhose Pervert’s Dee Tea

My Pantyhose Pervert (self proclaimed), is a man who lives in the US.  He loves my pantyhose.  In fact OBSESSED and I love it!   He loves to worship, sniff, suck and chew on them.  He wears them on his raging “cock-of-mine” as “Dee cock condoms”.

I send them to him with soiled soles, quite nasty really, with runs, holes and my cum on them.  I get him to I wear them around, for long periods of time. even to work under is pants.  I even get him to use other hose to bind his cock and balls while encasing his cock in the foot part of another pair.  I am his lifetime stinky pantyhose producing Queen/slut/future wifey!

Here is what he says…
“I am Dee’s Pantyhose Pervert, I love pantyhose and even better well worn, naturally scented, naturally soiled, the smellier & dirtier the better!  Dee has been cooking up dirty pantyhose by wearing them night and day and even to bed for days.

“When they are really nasty she sends several pairs of hose, nylons, cropped hose into stockings or nasty socks and occasionally well worn pantyhose cut into nasty panties.  The nylon captures al her sweat and natural body scent. mmmmmm

“Sometimes I wear the panties around the house as pantyhose face masks with the dirty crotch as the place to breath thru….Oh my God!

” I crave her “hose foot stinky”.  I want her smelly foot aroma on my face and cock always.  It is intoxicating and I love to get drunk with her scent.  I even send videos, picture and pantyhose payments as proof of my commitment.

“Dee works out in them, sleeps in them, fucks in them. Gets them filthy.  I then enjoy the taste of my pantyhose foot slut, chewing on the toe prints in the reinforced toes, just like chewing tobacco.

“After many times of wear, she mails a baggy full of them most still ripe from her last fuck sessions she asked me to make Dee Tee (DeeTea).   A good flavorful batch of Dee Tea depends on how many days brewed, how dirty and what type or color of pantyhose too.   She tells me to heat up a small cup then savor’s the flavor while maserbating to her pics.

“Either way I’m gloved with her warm, wet, dirty, yummy pantyhose foot section on her-cock-of-mine with a bottle of Dee Tea is always close by waiting for instructions from her. I video all this then all I do is press record and send.

“When she sends me the most recent pics of wearing well worn pantyhose, she tells me I will be getting the exact pairs she is wearing soon, so I use some of the pics on my phone as wallpaper.  This is a constant reminder I am owned by my pantyhose Foot Queen/slut/future wifey!


My US Pantyhose Pervert is my number 1.  However, I am seriously looking for a local Toronto PantyHose Perverts like him.  Not necessarily doing all of what he does but I know there are lots of you out there who are obsessed by pantyhose, so we can be as creative and nasty as you want to be.    All of you will be training me to be the best future pantyhose wife on the planet and one lucky guy out here will own me for life!…hehehe  There will be lots of benefits and privileges so call me if your want to prove your skill, kink and devotion!


Fetish: Foot lover handcuffs me then FUCKS me!

Fetish: Foot lover handcuffs me then FUCKS me! Pink Yoga Pants Pink Corset IMG 2347

message from a customer…

…”You are in your nighty. Your bare feet are soiled and smelly and mine!  I handcuff you behind your back.  You struggle as I remove your bra. Your tits are mine as I squeeze your nipples.  I reach around to fondle your erect shecock.  It becomes hard as I squeeze your swollen member womenhood.  I lye you down lick the soles of your feet as you moan with pleasure for hour to tease and enjoy my sent and flavor.   I love the wrinkled soles and natural soled and scented.  You are totally helpless as I suck your bound engorged women cock purple and shinny hard. I run my tongue between your toes and the balls of your feet.  I lick your rosebud and balls before I enter you . My balls are swollen with cum as I pound you with my cock.  I can’t hold it back any longer as I explode in my lover’s pussy….  Happening TODAY!!!!”  Dino D

Fetish Bondage & Feet: Nephew handcuffs Auntie Dee & sniffs her feet

Fetish Bondage & Feet: Nephew handcuffs Auntie Dee & sniffs her feet Sunshine Seduces IMG 3954

Nephew handcuffs me then sniffs & my feet for hours!!!

That would be so fucking hot – hard not to cum early lol  cool to put on your nylons and shoes and masturbate to your feet- just smell and jerk off

Dee so luv to just smell your feet. Suck your toes wear my aunt’s nylons and jerk off

Luv to lite a cigar and drink a rum and coke and smell your feet

Plug in my ass and sucking your feet

Gotta swallow my step sister cum though

Wearing her nylons

Hours of sex – feet  cum

Making erotic sex with my aunt Dee enjoying all of her body – mm tummy

Gotta masturbate while smelling your armpits

Mm yes

Ok very horny and masturbating now to your vids

Like to swallow your cum

Hey Dee I know it’s not fair to text u stuff cause I know it doesn’t help u $ wise – and u r always very generous to respond- so thank u- it is very hard now to sneak away and see u- to be honest I masturbate to ur pics pretty much daily- with very intense fantasies- so I apologize for not seeing u in person these last few months- that said I’m going upstairs and going to get naked and pretend I’m laying on the floor with ur naked feet on my face – cool crinkly soles smelly feet  and just jerk off while listening to your voice from your u tube vids- when we do meet again in person it will be so fucking intense I just want to enjoy all of your incredibly sexy 🤩 hot body- most of all to taste and smell ur very beautiful feet

New fetish lol I masturbate a lot fantasizing u pissing on me then cumming in my mouth while I wear ur nylons and shoes

Swallowing ur pee and cum aunt dee

I have dressed up in nylons and jerked off with a dildo in my ass looking at your feet pics and cock pics

Actually like the anal beads

Happy Birthday Aunt Dee – I’d soooo love to play with your birthday feet smell them – get naked and masturbate smelling your nylons and feet and shoes – sucking on your very hard cock and licking your ass – then smell and lick and suck on your feet  maybe play with some toys – lick and kiss your tummy – smell your whole body and masturbate to it – you make me do whatever you want cause I’m your foot slut- and I love my Aunt Dee I trust her

Masturbating to ur pics now aunt dee so fucking horny to smell your feet and masturbate I luv your scent mmmmmmmmm yes I’m gonna lay here naked and masturbate thinking of you and having intense sex with you

Mee too Dee I luv your feet  they fucking make me horny

MMM nice feet luv to lick off the icing

Yes I’d so love to just smell my Aunt D’s feet for hours and whack off – smelling your shoes and nylons- have a few drinks and have intense erotic sex – taste your cum  – suck on your bare feet while my cock is inside u

Wish I was laying naked under your feet just breathing in their scent – masturbating for hours – fucking your bare feet –

I must confess Aunt Dee that I have a very strong foot fetish   and I am really turned on by your feet – I know it’s kinda taboo but I masturbate a lot thinking of playing with your pretty feet

When ur out I cum over and get naked playing with myself and sniffing your smelly nylons and shoes  and wishing I was smelling and playing with your body

I love to just smell and smell and smell your feet

Have a cigar and some drinks- smell and lick ur body smell your ass kiss ur tummy- I like wearing your shoes  and masturbating 🤪

I fantasize fucking u while smelling and sucking your feet and toes

I also fantasize u fucking me with your huge purple cock fuck its sooo big but feels so fucking good

I masturbate hoping u catch me and u make me do things so u won’t tell anyone

I prob masturbate to ur pics 4-5 notes a waeek for years fuck I have cummed on u thousands of times – fuck I luv ur feet Aunt Dee

Hope to see u soon and play 🤩

I’m going upstairs now and going to masturbate to your gallery pics of in yellow top short black skirt black nylons and mules – just jerking and pretending I’m smelling your feet through your nylons fuck I’m sooo fucking horny

Sorry – got a little carried away – Austin Powers reference ” It got weird didn’t it”

Nice then you can shoot your cum load right in my mouth then I can cum all over your feet   then do it all again mmmmmm

Hmm yes – this covid thing isn’t helping – I’d put on your smelly nylons and jerk off into your shoes and on your feet – suck and smell them

Sound s Hott – I miss the incredibly intense sex

Fuck I am fucking horny and wanna fuck my aunt dee

Your Favorite Nephew

Fetish Shoes: Looking for women with feet & shoes!

Fetish Shoes: Looking for women with feet & shoes!

Looking for women with shoes & feet to go with them!

I want to hook up with women who get foot fetish.  I will spoil you but even more than that I can make you cum just sniffing,  touching, fondling, licking and sucking your toes naturally scented and winkled soles of your feet… REALLY!  Types of feet I love are; sexy, soiled, naturally scented, high arches, smelly, bare, dirty, red toe nails, nylon-ed, lovable and especially natural without a pedicure or being fussed over!   Your natural scent is what I am most men want!.  Feet who live in metro Toronto contact me. YOU WILL BE REWARDED 416 SHE MALE same as 1 416 743 6253.

Assertive Boss: forces employee to cross dress & service her feet

Assertive Boss: forces employee to cross dress & service her feet Secretary Miss D RCP 6930

Assertive Boss:  forces employee to cross dress & service her feet

Hello Boss Dee

I have been “lurking” on your website for a while now, admiring your pictures, and imagining spending some time together. But, I always came up with some excuse to move away, and not make a commitment to fulfill any of my fantasies. This has been an issue that has stayed with me for a long time. I think it is likely due to some issues with self esteem, and the willingness to enjoy things without worrying what others might think. The events of the past few months, where I have been spending weeks on my own without any real human contact (save the many conference calls and videos while working from home) have caused me to rethink my priorities.

Because of this, I would like to reach out to you, and see if you would be interested in helping me discover a new experience. I would be interested in meeting you for a role play scenario. You would be my boss, calling me into your office late in the day, and explaining that my recent performance at work has put me on thin ice. I wouldn’t disagree, but I would ask if there was anything I could do to keep my job. At that point, you explain that yes, there was. You would ask me to strip, and put on some Nylons (I can hopefully provide as I am on the larger size both height and weight), and make me lie down on my back on the ground. You would become a very dominant woman, you make me worship you for my job. This would start with foot worship with nylons, then bare feet.

Finally, I would worship your cock and balls at you sit on my face. Perhaps you would make me rim you as well. You would be dominant, with a hint of humiliation (not really mean, but more that I am a doormat that you can use to rub your feet on, walk on, cum on, that sort of thing). Then, you would straddle my chest and shot a cum shot onto my face. Making me eat any that lands in my mouth. Finally, you decide that I deserve a reward. Removing my nylons you jerk off my little cock until I cum. But, at that point you rub your feet all over my cum on my stomach, and make me clean off my cum from your feet.

There is something else I am wondering. I have seen this on videos before, and I would love to know if you have it. There is a latex footworship bag, with 2 opening. The persons head goes into the bag, and then the others feet go onto. It is then closed, and all the worshiper can do is be “trapped” with the others feet, breathing in their foot scent. I was wondering if this is something you might have? If not, then just regular worship is more than enough.

This is all very specific, and admittedly, somewhat nerve racking. However, to ensure I go through with this, as I really do desire it, I would like to give you a deposit online, to help me know I will go through with it, and not shrink away at the last minute. If the above is something that you would be interested in, please let me know.

Thank you.

YouTube Leg Shoe & Foot Fetish Admirer

YouTube Leg Shoe & Foot Fetish Admirer

Jonathan F

@Paige TSDeeTV

Thank you for your kindness, and for taking the time to reply – I know it must be overwhelming for you to have to sort through all the comments, and they are many. About foot fetish erotica: I always wonder if it really is a fetish if one only feels such intense emotions and desires for the feet of certain individuals(?) For me, you are the primary motivator, not just your feet, shoes or nylons. Your attention to detail, your chosen wardrobe in expressing yourself, your voice, the care you take with your unbelievably gorgeous body (and a face and smile that would launch a few thousand ships), and your willingness to invade my mind, my physical space and insist that I experience a physical space that is so thoroughly filled with you and dominated by you – these are what have so powerfully captured me (yes, me, and not just my imagination – I’m quite confident that the reality of being present with you would have me craving to shut my mouth, open my ears, and just be molded by you into whatever form of putty you need at the moment). Now, the feet: yes, I am probably more inclined to worship the foot than your average bear, but if those feet a re not an extension of an individual that emotionally and physically overwhelms me with her desire to conquer, well, then they’re just feet. In your case, my desire to experience your feet in an earthly way, the pantyhose absorbing and holding in your moisture and natural scent, is symbolic o f the intensely submissive feelings you i nspire in me – by being you. Watching your videos INSTANTLY has me imagining the amount of progress I could make in learning to be a comet to your star with your tutelage – because you’re a star that seems willing to accept the natural flaws of those of us who adore you – you realize that with a little patience, you can make lemonade out of lemons, and yes, turn those who adore you into beings who are in tune with your thoughts, your wants, your needs, and ultimately, your commands. I’ve gotta stop now – I’m a little unnerved by the passion you inspire in me. You have such a way to focus people directly on you – and want to remain focused on you, pay attention to you, work to get in tune with you and the world you are creating – I think the image of me gluing my nose and eyes to the moist undersole and toes of your pantyhosed feet speaks more to a larger desire t o paste my mind and heart to you inside the world you create, a world named after you, about you, smelling liie you, tasting like you, and proudly all about you. Okay – now I’ll stop.

Fetish PantyHose: Seeking PantyHose Perverts

Fetish PantyHose: Seeking PantyHose Perverts

Seeking: Pantyhose Pervert

My pantyhose pervert is a man who lives in the united states. He loves my pantyhose. He loves to sniff them, and he loves to wear them. My pervert likes me to send them to him crusted with my cum and then wear them around. He wants to serve and worship me and my hose, and I love it too.

Many men like the look. For him, it’s more than that. To my pervert, my “dirty, stinky, yummy pantyhose” are something he wants to lick, worship and even wear. I have ordered him to bind them around his cock and balls at work, not even allowed to take them off to pee (he has to pee through them if he can’t hold it). I have told him to brew tea with them so he can savor the flavor. When he wears my pantyhose like a good boy I know that I’ve totally claimed his nylon-encased cock.  I make him wear them over his face as a pantyhose crotch face mask for him to breathe through! mmmmmm
We roleplay about him being my pervert husband waking me up with his raging hard cock wrapped in my hose from the night before, desperate for release, or cumming in my shoes so I can wear him around all day.
Pantyhose is my fetish too, and I love sharing it with someone.

Long Distance
Sadly, my pantyhose pervert is far away, and our play takes place chiefly on skype or via message. While I do love long distance play, it’s not the same as in person, of course. Which is why, as much as I adore him, and could never replace him, I am interested in meeting other pantyhose fetishists in the Toronto area. If you’re a naughty boy who loves hose, give me a call, and book a session, and share your fetish with a woman who definitely gets it! Maybe someday you’ll be my very own pantyhose pervert too!

I am seriously looking for a local Toronto PantyHose pervert like that!  There will be lost of benefits and privileges! Call me if your want and interview today!