Foot Fetish: My Trainers Loves My Stinky Sweaty Feet

by | Dec 29, 2020 | Feet, Fetish Think Pink IMG 2992

Foot Fetish:  From My Future Personal Trainer Dino  

Absolutely. I will train u and yes I would love to rub your sweaty feet dry all over my face & goatee so the sweet smell of your feet stays in it so it is all I smell & taste. Absolutely lick them clean each & every time that is fucking really hot I love your feet!!!! I don’t even want to see ur feet dirty!! Sweaty sweet smelling yes, they’re too nice to be dirty well for me any ways, I want tk 1 day worship you in person. I think wed be pretty intense together, I don’t know If I’ve sent u a pic of me or not?? Not in the john not for my first exp with u. I want to enjoy every minute & taste u through the screen you could help me by sending me a couple pics of u in your filthiest of cream pies or to see your beautiful asshole, kind of like a consolation for 4 days of sore balls and precum stained underwear you can’t imagine how many times I had to stop on the treadmill because I started thinking of u & was getting rock hard in the gym, kind of  hard to hide it.  

Dino from Greece