Role Play: Very Hot Erotic Naked Yoga

by | Jul 21, 2021 | Fantasy, Fetish, Roleplay

Very Hot Erotic Naked Yoga 

Nothing is hotter than watching a women do yoga.

The bends, stretches,state of bliss, hard bodies, almost unconscious state of mind, sticking all their best part out and up! God that is why I looooove it sooooo much. Women in yoga pant and bare feet drive me crazy. But even better when they are all hot and sweaty! God, I want to lick all the drips!

So… I have been doing yoga for some time now but lately really getting into it. Maybe is spring heat because I have be so horny lately. I have been taking a HOT Yoga and God a room full of female hard bodies with great sexual expression is building my testosterone up a lot! Thank God I still have one.

Anyway so the idea of doing yoga naked is not small surprise to a horny guy. That just makes sense. I actually do do my yoga first thing in the morning about 6 am in my private studio completely naked with heaters. It is quite hot!

So I am offering fellow the opportunity of coming over and watching me do naked yoga. Stretching my long legs in the air open wide or sitting in a lotus position with my big tits projecting and eyes closed.

Yes you can come over watch, touch, kiss, lick, suck and fondle any body part you like. Even tell me to hold a particular position so you may do what you want…for as long as you want! God I would looooove that! It is like having you as my horny yoga instructor who takes payment out in the form of sexual liberties! I will marry that guy!

So come over today or soon and ask for a Very Hot Erotic Naked Yoga session. You will like it!