RolePlay: Fantasy StepMom

by | Aug 2, 2021 | Fantasy, Fetish, Roleplay

Hello again my beautiful Step mommy Dee 🙂

I just went scrolling through your site again ( I cant stop myself :p ) and those beautiful daily pics, the ones you are near a pool on a gorgeous backyard hehe… that look momma… that hot, sexy and super arousing flashy green see through… its just confirmed my choice, when we will finally meet.

I want you to be my hot step mommy, always super sexy like those pictures( you are totally sexy in all of your pictures, but these specific ones just stirs up something deep in me.. 😉 ), the step mommy who always lets me see under her skirt from afar, while the Christmas party is going on, subtly but keeping me wondering if its intentional 😉 the sensual step mommy who comes and tell me goodnight while I’m gaming, and while she is hugging me goodnight, she gently rubs her magnificent tits in my face and subtly brush her hand on my already hard dick, and leaves… leaving me to wonder again if its intentional.

The step mommy who would come out of the bathroom after her shower with nothing on but a small towel that barely covers her beautiful breast or her ass that is to die for… while looking at me with eyes and a smile that sends waves of arousal through my body, then again leaves me wondering.. I want you to be the step mommy that I’ve always fantasized about, that I always had the impression that you wanted me too, but I was too shy and unsure to try and confirm with my beautiful mommy 🙂 then when we meet you could be my step mommy who has enough of waiting for me to catch on your hints, and you just take me and teach me how to please you, (and by that, “surprise” me with your gorgeous cock 😉 ), you teach me how to use my mouth to worship my step mommy( I fantasize about my step mommy Dee being kinda dominant, like in your post about t he assertive woman 😉 ).

I might be a little reluctant, but you are my step mommy, the most beautiful woman ive ever known, the woman I’ve always fantasized about all my life, so I’ll do anything to please you( even if I’m surprised by your gorgeous cock 🙂 ) I’ve been reading a lot of erotica with trans step mom or aunties and I love it!! Its such a hot fantasy 🙂 I/m so glad i discovered this through you, and…

also I have never actually been into the foot fetish but I gotta say that the way you talk about it, and again that picture of you in that green see through where you are sitting right next to the pool and you kinda show of your beautiful legs and feet, it made me realize how sexy it can be hehe, id be open to a little bit of foot play?( don’t know how you’d call it) you could surely teach me about all those things, once you show your stepson what you really want 😉

You are so beautiful 🙂