RolePlay Submission: Serious Submission

by | Nov 8, 2021 | Fetish, Roleplay Full Body Straight Jacket IMG 1806

Serious Submission 

We’ve talked before about bottoming and why I love bending over, but serious submission is something else entirely. Beyond just receiving penetration, it’s a much deeper surrender of control.
To me, it also means something different from pure S&M. Allowing another person to cause you pain is absolutely a deep act of trust, don’t get me wrong, and can be a beautiful show of submission. But it’s not my thing. I’m just not much of a pain slut. My form of submission is a little different.


Something I do love is bondage. The surrender of control as ropes bind me tighter and tighter. The feeling of utter helplessness as I struggle futility against a straight jacket. Jerking and tugging against a pair of leather cuffs as someone plays with me. Being bound isn’t just physical, it’s a connection- it is me surrendering myself to my partner and trusting that they will use me properly, and not abuse me. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable to someone is a profound thing

Service and Submission

Service goes beyond letting someone tie you up. When I truly submit to someone I want to please them in every way possible. I want to be made to obey. I enjoy pleasing them sexually, of course! I want them to take charge. It can be anything from serving them tea and giving them foot-rubs, to bending over for erotic fun, but the key is that it is I know i’ve satisfied my dominant partner. Communication is important to me in this
I see the same thing all the time when men submit to me – the need to give themselves to someone, completely. As a switch, I know that same feeling myself. To let them dictate what i do and when I do it- to control me completely, even if only for a short time. Like many of my clients my life is stressful and it’s wonderful to be able to surrender and let someone else make the decisions in an intimate encounter.