Fetish PantyHose: Seeking PantyHose Perverts

Fetish PantyHose: Seeking PantyHose Perverts

Fetish PantyHose: Seeking PantyHose Perverts

Seeking: Pantyhose Pervert

My pantyhose pervert is a man who lives in the united states. He loves my pantyhose. He loves to sniff them, and he loves to wear them. My pervert likes me to send them to him crusted with my cum and then wear them around. He wants to serve and worship me and my hose, and I love it too.

Many men like the look. For him, it’s more than that. To my pervert, my “dirty, stinky, yummy pantyhose” are something he wants to lick, worship and even wear. I have ordered him to bind them around his cock and balls at work, not even allowed to take them off to pee (he has to pee through them if he can’t hold it). I have told him to brew tea with them so he can savor the flavor. When he wears my pantyhose like a good boy I know that I’ve totally claimed his nylon-encased cock. I make him wear them over his face as a pantyhose crotch face mask for him to breathe through! mmmmmm
We roleplay about him being my pervert husband waking me up with his raging hard cock wrapped in my hose from the night before, desperate for release, or cumming in my shoes so I can wear him around all day.
Pantyhose is my fetish too, and I love sharing it with someone.

Long Distance
Sadly, my pantyhose pervert is far away, and our play takes place chiefly on skype or via message. While I do love long distance play, it’s not the same as in person, of course. Which is why, as much as I adore him, and could never replace him, I am interested in meeting other pantyhose fetishists in the Toronto area. If you’re a naughty boy who loves hose, give me a call, and book a session, and share your fetish with a woman who definitely gets it! Maybe someday you’ll be my very own pantyhose pervert too!

I am seriously looking for a local Toronto PantyHose pervert like that! There will be lost of benefits and privileges! Call me if your want and interview today!


Foot Fetish: My Trainers Loves My Stinky Sweaty Feet

Foot Fetish: My Trainers Loves My Stinky Sweaty Feet

Foot Fetish: My Trainers Loves My Stinky Sweaty Feet

TSDee.com Think Pink IMG 2992

Foot Fetish: From My Future Personal Trainer Dino

Absolutely. I will train u and yes I would love to rub your sweaty feet dry all over my face & goatee so the sweet smell of your feet stays in it so it is all I smell & taste. Absolutely lick them clean each & every time that is fucking really hot I love your feet!!!! I don’t even want to see ur feet dirty!! Sweaty sweet smelling yes, they’re too nice to be dirty well for me any ways, I want tk 1 day worship you in person. I think wed be pretty intense together, I don’t know If I’ve sent u a pic of me or not?? Not in the john not for my first exp with u. I want to enjoy every minute & taste u through the screen you could help me by sending me a couple pics of u in your filthiest of cream pies or to see your beautiful asshole, kind of like a consolation for 4 days of sore balls and precum stained underwear you can’t imagine how many times I had to stop on the treadmill because I started thinking of u & was getting rock hard in the gym, kind of hard to hide it.

Dino from Greece

Foot Fetish: TSDee is obsessed by women’s feet & her own

Foot Fetish: TSDee is obsessed by women’s feet & her own

Foot Fetish: TSDee is obsessed by women’s feet & her own

Defining Foot Fetish
Foot fetishism can be defined in many ways, but more often, it is thought of as foot worship. It is a pronounced sexual interest in feet and can have many variations in terms of what is sexually arousing about a foot. It could be deeply inhaling the smell of sweat on a woman’s foot combined with the scent of the leather shoes she wears that arouses. It could be the arch of a foot; wrinkled soles; spread out toes; long toes; polished toenails… many things or specific things can arouse a foot fetishist.

Foot Fetish – Dee’s Most Requested Experience
Foot fetish is one of Shemale Dee’s most popular requests. She has exquisitely pretty feet and loves to have her feet worshiped. Wrinkled soles. High arches. Spread toes. Red toenail polish. Trampling. Delicate feet. Smooth soles. Licking feet. Dirty soles. Sucking toes. Smelling feet. Nylon feet, Pantyhose feet, Naturally soiled. Naturally scented. … etc. Feet all over your face.

While Dee loves to have her own feet worshiped, she also adores women’s feet as well. You may often find her at Foot Fetish Nights hosted by Oasis Aqualounge, an upscale club located in downtown Toronto, Canada. Sometimes she finds herself as the object of desire while other times you will find her deeply inhaling the scent of a pretty woman’s feet.

Book a Foot Fetish Session Today
If you are aroused by any sense of feet, you need to schedule time with Toronto’s top t-girl, Dee. Please use the Contact tab at the bottom right of this page to schedule a foot session with TS Dee.

Feel free to share your foot fetish stories with me… I looooove hearing about foot fetish stories!

Role Play: Secretary Miss Dee

Role Play: Secretary Miss Dee

Role Play: Secretary Miss Dee

Secretary Miss Dee


Well, my boss Mr JP insists that I wear my stripped grey and black pencil skit with my full fashion nylons and my well worn black pumps accented by a crisp open white blouse daily as part of my “uniform”. I know it makes his cock hard!

I have a masters in business admin but he does not use me for that! I was told when he hired me that I was to loose my boy friend and I would be paid handsomely… I did of course… loose the bf for the excitement I get in being “owned”.

So he comes into my office frequently with countless lame excuses ogling and staring at my 48” bust or 38L cup jugs. They are 1500 cc’s each! If he is not staring at “them” he is focused on my long sexy leggy usually dangling and bouncing one of my pumps.

He took some pic of me in my “uniform” the other day so I have posted them as he wanted every man on the internet to be looking at me…the property HE OWNS!

The pics have been posted for a few days and I am getting secretary requests all over the globe. He likes it when his secretary is being used to tease men all over the planet!

So yesterday he asks me to comes into his office. I sat across from him teasing him with my dangling shoe exposing my warm moist very sexy foot and bouncing my dangling leather pump. That exposes the reinforced toe, sole, heel and back seams of my nylons. He is in a trance…

He asks me to put my long sexy full fashion nylons up on my desk with my shoes on. I lean back in his chair and do so. He comes over and slides his fingers down my nylons legs… I lean back and close my eyes. He reaches into the arch of my foot, pulls my shoe off and takes a huge long sniff of my warm moist leather shoe muzzling it over his nose and mouth.

I could see his cock getting hard inside his panty as he then begins to kiss, sniff, lick and fondle my cock like foot, flexing down into a point or up into an erect foot cock!

Then he slowly reaches up my skit without asking and of course without resistance to my garter belt and unclips one of my nylons. Slowing pulling it down he turns it into a striptease. The nylon glides off.

At this point since he was busy I start doing my duty to release the huge pressured bulge in his pants. He is always commando so “it/he” quick came to full attention in my face.

Mr JP then took my moist nylon and slid it over his perfect cock. Just the perfect size and gurth for my pussy/cunt. It fits perfectly there don’t you know…

As his raging member finds the end of the foot of my well worn, stinky nylons it dresses my favorite cock perfectly with the head in the reinforce toe, the shaft having a black strip down it and his balls cupped perfectly in the dark Cuban heel. I fucking looooove that!!!!!!

So I tell him I neeeeed to suck his cock in my stinky well worn nylons now dressing his perfect raging. With my head now leaning back, he begins to start fuck my pussy mouth. That is what my pussy mouth is for!

At this point his start exposing me and undressing me to take the body he owns… My job is to keep sucking on his stinky nylon covered cock….